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  1. So apprend le chinois :V

    Mais honnêtement, je suis pas magicien, je n'ai pas accès a ton code source, tu ne partage aucune ligne de code... Comment veux tu que je fasse pour t'aider ?
    Je te montre (gratuitement) et je t'explique des choses techniques... So oui ça peut paraitre du chinois, mais si souhaites pas l'apprendre... tu peux toujours engager un freelance/agence WEB pour le faire.

    bon chance 

  2. Non 😉


    Avec ce code là : Tu créer un tableau Breadcrum qui contient tous les éléments de ton fils d'ariane.

    {if !empty($path)}
      {* Extract bradcrumb links from anchors *}
      {$matchCount = preg_match_all('/<a.+?href="(.+?)"[^>]*>([^<]*)<\/a>/', $path, $matches)}
      {$breadcrumbs = []}
      {for $i=0; $i<$matchCount; $i++}
        {$breadcrumbs[] = ['url' => $matches[1][$i], 'title' => $matches[2][$i]]}
      {* Extract the last breadcrumb which is not link, it's plain text or text inside span *}
      {$match = preg_match('/>([^<]+)(?:<\/\w+>\s*)?$/', $path, $matches)}
      {if !empty($matches[1])}
        {$breadcrumbs[] = ['url' => '', 'title' => $matches[1]]}
      {elseif !$match && !$matchCount}
        {$breadcrumbs[] = ['url' => '', 'title' => $path]}


    Et dans cette partie du code : Tu as la boucle qui créer les éléments de ton breadcrumb et la possibilités d'ajouter la position via :

    itemprop="position" content="{($smarty.foreach.crumbs.iteration|intval + 1)}"


    {if !empty($breadcrumbs)}
        {foreach from=$breadcrumbs item=breadcrumb name=crumbs}
          <li itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/ListItem">
            {if !empty($breadcrumb.url)}
              <a href="{$breadcrumb.url}" itemprop="item">
                <span itemprop="name">{$breadcrumb.title}</span>
              <span itemprop="name">{$breadcrumb.title}</span>
            <meta itemprop="position" content="{($smarty.foreach.crumbs.iteration|intval + 1)}" />


  3. On 1/22/2020 at 6:15 AM, kokoon said:

    Bonjour à tous,

    Je partage un article intéressant sur le sujet, avec un fix pour Presta 1.6 en bas de l'article : https://www.vinvin.dev/fils-dariane-problemes-detectes/

    Yes merci pour la référence.

    Comme indiqué dans mon article, il faut bien faire attention si c'est un thème custom ou autre.
    Ca vient du theme par défaut de Prestashop 1.6

    Si vous avez des questions - n"hésitez pas à les poster ici ou en commentaire de l'article, je répond rapidement ;-)

    Il existe aussi peut etre des plugins qui permettent l'intégration du format JSON-LD pour éviter se méler avec le HTML.

    Bon courage à tout le monde,

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  4. Hello virinxxx,


    Si ton soucis est toujours d'actualité, très souvent les images sont stockés dans les parties CMS, description catégorie ou produit ou alors dans le thème (configuration du thème).
    Dans de très rare cas, les images sont en dur ou sont stockée en base de donnée.

    Une requêtes SQL du genre UPDATE peut résoudre le soucis,


    plus d'information ici : https://mixed-content.info/solutions-mixed-content/

  5. Frankly, I'm thoroughly fed up with this module.  Making a module that relies on the non-working Cron task in PS is just wrong.  Although I like the customization options of the module.  Would love if you could just make it work by selecting individual customers and pressing a button for immediate activation instead of relying on Cron.


    The most recent thing it does is report via Cron that it has run every day but no emails have gone out.  I'm Fed Up!


    I think we deserve our money back.  The module doesn't work.  Or make it work outside of Cron!  I'm tired of this.  If it is not going to be fixed so it will work, just let us know!


    Did you pay something ? If you pay, you were scam because I never got any money for this module...


    Please, stop blame me. Its pretty hard for me to do everything.


    Im currently working on 1.5 compatibility ON MY FREE TIME. But I haven't got enough free to time to work on this FREE module, to be with my family and to build my company.


    Little message : THIS MODULE IS FREE AND OPEN SOURCE. I didn't receive any money for all this work so please.

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  6. Using PS    Have given up on PS Cron Job ever working and provider has put this on his server, but it still doesn't run automatically and must be manually run by him.  I'd like it to run automatically - and within Cron Job


    I believe this is the language he has on his server: 0 * * * * curl "https://www.bythebeads.com/modules/baabandonedcartreminder/sendmail.php"


    Has anyone gotten this module to work via PS Cron Job from within PS?  Or gotten PS Cron Job itself to work?


    I have given up on this module working.  If you can help, it would sure be appreciated.



    You have to setting up PS Cron to launch everyday the URL displayed on top of super abandoned cart plugin.

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  7. Hey guys,



    really sorry... but I had to many troubles with this plugins. 

    All mails from prestashop forum came in spam, plugin has been under private licence (I made it at work and share without boss permission)


    I took time between my life and my new work to work on a new version of this module after getting right from my previous company to do that.

    So since now, I will help all of you to solve issues with this module. 

    Im really sorry for what happened before. 

    If someone has a better way to bring best support, tell me. I want help everyone.


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  8. Hello,

    Sorry but I don't receive any emails from prestashop forum :(

    When you talk about without tax is it for products ?

    if yes :

    Change on line 108 into launch_campaigns.php :

    $price_no_tax = (Product::getPriceStatic($p->id,false,null,2,null,false,true,1,false,null,$abncart['id_cart'],null,$null,true,true,null,false,false));


    $price_no_tax = (Product::getPriceStatic($p->id,true,null,2,null,false,true,1,false,null,$abncart['id_cart'],null,$null,true,true,null,false,false));

    The second paramaters is tax or not. if true => tax included

  9. Hello Renzogr,


    First, you can activated DEBUG on launch_campaign.php (on SuperCampaign module root directory), just edit it and change :




    then, copy and paste launch_campaigns.php URL (Get it just above of your campaign - Im seeing it on second attachment)


    http://lebrecho.com/modules/....... (Paste it on new tab)


    Then you will get some output, could help us to find the issue ;-)


    Give us date of concerned abandoned cart into Customers > Cart.


    You can give me protected informations by Private Message if you want personal helps

  10. Hi.

    I have succesfully installed module on prestashop and created campaing but after saving all special characters like (ā š č ē ..) are replaced with question mark.

    Can it be fixed?Qv5XG.jpg




    Ok, so the bug come from bad_collation on Database. Probably when module is installed, DB tables set collation by default.

    not supporting some characters like (ā š č ē) [/size]



    Two way to fix it manually :


    1 - Access to your phpmyadmin, select table ps_campaign and change all columns collation to utf8_general_ci 


    2 - Add at the end of sql statement (L 67 , 79 and 84) DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 DEFAULT COLLATE utf8_general_ci


    so replace :




    to :


  11. Thank you for the quick response and this nice module.


    I selected 1 day 1 hour. I didnt understand the logic of those 1-30 days and hours. I need to check the codes again :) so no cart maches everytime I tried.

    So I disabled the function checkIfCartIsOnCampaign and now works fine, it sends emails to all abandoned cart whenever launch_campaings.php is called.


    Incase anyone wants this module to send multilang. emails;

    Change $id_lang to $customer->id_lang to make it multilang. when sending emails, emails are going with the language of the customer.


    Yeah, Im working on multi-lang on the newest version ;-) (soon release) 

    Just some bug with multi-lang on presta 1.5+




    Can anyone help with this issue?


    EDIT : Ok I reproduce bug, I finding how to fix it ;-)

  12. When I watching your debug :


    IdCustomer : 1 - IdCart : 8
    2016-04-30 21:25:0 < 2016-04-06 16:17:0 ---- 2016-04-06 16:17:0 <= 2016-04-30 21:54:0

    IdCustomer : 1 - IdCart : 8
    2016-04-30 21:25:0 < 2016-04-06 17:17:0 ---- 2016-04-06 17:17:0 <= 2016-04-30 21:54:0

    IdCustomer : 3 - IdCart : 9
    2016-04-30 21:25:0 < 2016-04-29 17:32:0 ---- 2016-04-29 17:32:0 <= 2016-04-30 21:54:0

    IdCustomer : 3 - IdCart : 9
    2016-04-30 21:25:0 < 2016-04-29 18:32:0 ---- 2016-04-29 18:32:0 <= 2016-04-30 21:54:0



    Not cart matched. How much days and hours did you configured ?

  13. I disabled checkIfCartIsOnCampaign function and now emails are going :/


    Hey putocito,


    Hmm not a reliable solution. If this function is disabled, it will send emails for all customers without any check.


    You have to re-activate it.


    Are you sure your timezone is ok ? 

    You created abandoned cart campaign, right ? Take a note, prestashop considered cart as abandoned 24hours after client left it.


  14. Hi and welcome back.


    After this long time beeing away and providing no support at all for users, I don't think its the best idea to come back and simply ask for people to pay for this. There will be a serious trust problem.

    The other thing is that your "beta testing team" of 3 people is way to low.

    Instead maybe is would be a better idea o have a "light" version for free and a pro version we can pay for. Many developers have done it this way. Or you can charge small fees for installation. There are ways to make money out of this if you spend the time and effort.

    AFTER this module is feature rich and AFTER you have established yourself as a reliable developer you can make your way up.

    The main reason people (at least me) where trying this module is that it is free, not because it is the best. There are some very good module for 30-50 euros.

    I don;t mean to rain on your party, but life is tough and I would hate if you started up wrong just to abandon this project in the near future again.


    Just my 2 cent




    I really appreciate your constructive message and you are right in different ways.

    I will thinking to make a Free version :)


    "There are ways to make money out of this if you spend the time and effort." Thanks, its a good advice and I will think out of this.


    Thanks for your feedback... 


  15. Hello Everybody,



    I'm back from looong travel ..

    I'm sorry I totally abandoned you and this project (sounds logical to abandon a module abandoned cart ?) .. 



    To be honest, I shared this module without any approbation of my company.. I made mistake... so I left them and restart my road-trip 


    Btw, I restarted developing this module and launch my own web-development company (Prestashop/Optimisation/Https), I would like to cell it (welcome to back to life-reality) 

    I will offer you a coupon to get discount (for everyone has replied on this thread) to get it.


    I'm looking for 3 peoples to test if for free ( 1 : prestashop 1.5+ ; 2 : prestashop : 1.6+ ; 3 : prestashop 1.7+?) 


    Cheers guys, 

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