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  1. Not really. I have find info that google don’t read mete keywords but read meta description. Is that correct? This is still strande.
  2. It was about 7 days ago. I have already in Google developer tools set the web page . Pushed to scan and submit not only main page but as well whole site. Might it takes weeks to index. I dont know. I will as well make site map might that will help.
  3. Hi, I have problems that google do not index main page meta tags. So people in google serch cant find my site using keywords mentioned in meta in index. I checked in Google tools and do not understand why it do not index main page but index rest page. Using latest prestashop version link: www.manaszekes.lv Can any please sugest what to do? Ints
  4. hi, I don't understand how and when he is generating xml files. I have made my own and ticked the box. pushed generate xml and got forwarded to blank page. Nothing happens. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Please close topic. I deleted Overides by editing php code. Working now
  6. Hi, Please Help do not know what to really do. I installed some time ago 2 modules for DPS logistic. It generated 2 suppliers in the system. Afterwards I had some problems with suppliers and I manually from supplier list deleted these two. NO I can only deactivate addons but can not unsitall them. I get error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/intskras/public_html/manaszekes.lv/modules/balticode_dpd_courier/balticode_dpd_courier.php: Call to a member function removeCarrierModule() on a non-object Now I got new module from local DPD and can not install it with old ones in the system. I get error: The following module(s) could not be installed properly: dynamicparceldistribution : Unable to install override: The method __construct in the class AdminOrdersController is already overridden by the module balticode_dpd_courier version 0.2 at 2016-02-08 17:56:50 .Really do not know what to do. I cant activate this supplier. I tried reinstall old ones and than delete but it is not working. Please any can help? Best regards, Free
  7. Thank you, Expensive solutions. Will wait for discounts and revenue increase in shop before purchase. Or there might be some code adjustment possible.
  8. Hi, I like option to include pictures in invoice, but when invoice is long it cuts it to next page totally wrong and not including a lot of info. Is there a way to fix it or there is a good not expensive and easy module to use ? Thanks, Ints
  9. Not working For time being I added line margin-bottom: 15px; and at least not getting second row too much up. Still have to find solution.
  10. Hi, I have problem that I have under one category 7 sub-categories. A there is so big spacing between them it starts second row. Is there way to change number of sub categories from 5 to 7 and reduce spacing between them? Thank you in advance, Ints
  11. Hi, This is great module. I am using latest version of presta and v2.4 of your module. I have problem that manufacturer logo is with question mark but have logo in the manufacture description page. Edit: I figured out where is problem. I had to rebuild under images all images and it is working. Only possibility I am missing is to move it to left not center. I tried to edit mode .tlp file changing from center to left but it did not work. I changed file under modules. Thanks, Ints
  12. Hi, My shipping without VAT (21%) cost 2.69 if you calculate it is 3.2549 with TAX or 3.26 but Prestashop is still calculating 3.25 I have set all rounding to calculate as recommended and do calculation on each item. I don't know what to do. Any can help please?
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