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  1. Hello, Please, could someone confirm Advanced Stock Management has been permanently removed on PS 1.7? Not any chance to get it on next versions of PS 1.7? Not any alternative? Thanks in advance
  2. That seems an unresolved bug, Please, follow this http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/NM-839
  3. Just tried it out, have been enabling all pages with SSL, at the moment it seems everything fine, product images are being uploaded correctly. Leonlt: please, might you indicate what kind of files you cannot upload? In order me to check on my installation Thank you
  4. I am about to install a SSL on v1.7, gonna give a feed back-up as soon as tested. Till later
  5. Hi hartvigmorten, thank you, much appreciated! Just seen this problem has been also pointed out on PrestasShop Forge: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-1394 http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-1755 Would be great to have it solved on next PS 1.7 version ( ?) Thanks in advance
  6. Still same problem on Not any way to fix this or any workaround?
  7. Hello, I have previously installed PrestaShop on PHP 5.6 and - same installation - later switched to PHP 7.0.14 on my server. I had great expectations about, I believed I would notice a big change as far as shop speed. As a result, I currently do not notice any big change running PrestaShop on PHP 7.0.14 as comparing with PHP 5.6. Have been doing something wrong? Any help or tips about? Thanks in advance
  8. Bug confirmed on PS version Boxs are not floating in single product page as enabling "Products in the same category" module.
  9. Hello, I am running PS I do not see any option to disable product QuickView, as on PS 1.6. Might you please clear this out: is this option going to be enables during 1.7 development ? As a fix, is there any way to manually disble product quick view on home and category pages ? Thanks in advance
  10. Have the same problem, Need to keep Ctrl + V just for copy and paste ! Please, have a look at this.
  11. Thank you, PrestaShop Fanatic Also found this (thank you vekia for contribution): https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/333340-solvedmove-usersblock-above-cart/ Once unhooked > hooked:
  12. Miles de disculpas por abrir un viejo hilo, tengo el mismo problema, a pesar de haberlo hookeado en DisplayTop, heberlo quitado de DisplayNav, haber reiniciado el modulo "Bloque de información de usuario", etc. no consigo que "Iniciar Sesión" se visualice en DisplayNav, entre el carrito y la caja de búsqueda del tema por default del Gracias por vuestra ayuda
  13. Hello :-) I'm using default theme in Prestashop Is there a way to move the "User Info Block" module (User loging/logout) from "DisplayNav" hook to "DisplayTop" hook just above the main menu and between Quick search and Cart block. The module is actually already hooked in this position but for some reason it doesn't show even after I unhooked it from its initial position which is the "DisplayNav" hook ! Not sure this being a bug, I have been trying and trying again, no way :-( Thanks for helping
  14. I am looking for the same ;-) Dh42: thank you for answering, please, me do not understand where are we enabled to filter attribute per product categories, I don not see this option ! Thank you
  15. I do have the same issue, I have a Cart Rule, specific Product Price Rule and Catalog Price Rules. It seems to me that: a) Cart Rule (e.g. a voucher) and specific Product Price Rule seems to be cumulative, both applied. Bad behaviour, how do I avoid it, how do we set priorities ? Catalog Price Rules seems to overridden a Product Price Rule, any way to manage this priority ? Thank you
  16. I am having a similar problem; drag en drop dos not work in any new template being created in "Layered navigation block" module. Changes are being saved but as soon as you get back to open the template, filters order has been changed. Please, fix this bug. Thanks
  17. Hello, afternoon. Just a quick question, sorry being quite simple I am willing to upgrade by testing everything on test site placed online (not locally) and later removing all live FTP by replacing/reloading a newest PrestaShop version. As soon as my test site confirm everything is OK, I will proceed deleting everything on my live shop in order to always get a clean installing. I will later upload directly the latest PrestaShop version as downloaded form PS official site. Considering I have been previously copying database and custom files and directories e.g. /config/settings.inc , /img, download and /upload , /translations etc. and restoring them, is this a safe way to upgrade PrestaShop ? In case database being required any change by PS latest version, will my database be updated even me not using 1-click upgrade module ? Thanks in advance
  18. For anyone looking for the same, here it is a perfect workaround: http://www.prestaforum.com/instalacion-configuracion-y-personalizacion-de-prestashop/llamar-id-de-pagina-en-url-de-stores-tpl-(tema-default-1-6)/ Big thanks to "devoment" user !
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