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  1. Thanks bellini13 and parsifal This clarifies a lot. Looking at problems some of the users have after regenerating images I don't want to do this and end up with issues on the images. The images are our products (we sell art) so the most important. Looking at your answers I can savely delete the watermark images from the server I think? Thanks parsifal for the telling about the exptensions, I was very puzzled by it.
  2. I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but hope this helps you. You create attributes first, then when you create a product you have to select the combination(s). If the combination is not selected it is not operational for the product. Maybe you are doing it autamated, then you need to go to each individual product and delete the combination(s) you dont want. I don't know which version PS you are using, there may be a difference, but generaly this is how it should work. If this doesn't help, you can make a screenshot of the screen with the combinations that shows how it is set? Good luck!
  3. I figured that out, but where are the original png images? Also, the system makes a watermark image. We don't use a watermark. Can someone confirm it is save to delete this image? (because of the large amount this will save us a lot of disk space) Is there something I can do so this watermark image is not created anymore? thanks!!
  4. I think you have to change the global css for that. I nobody answers this, you can try looking in the folder of the homefeatured which css files are in there that would override the global css. good luck!
  5. In your first screenshot the value is set at 4000 not 400 !
  6. Hi all, I need some help. I'm trying to understand the folder structure of the imp/p folders. we upload images as png because we need the transparancy. If we use jpg we get white borders on images that are not square and this we don't want. On the server I see only jpg images, so the first question is: where are the png images saved? Second I thought the structure is as follows: if the product-id is 743 than the images are saved in imp/p/7/4/3 This is not the case. Images i find there are from another product. Also we have products with 2 digits, like 11. There are no images in imp/1/1 but only folders. So how is the structure so I can find a product image? Also we have 2 images with each product, the images I find on the server are only the second images of products. So where are the main images? The second images are jpg, the main images are png. Here is a link to our website: https://www.artupfront.com/ Thanks for your time!!
  7. check email translations to see if html is correctly. I use default bootsstrap, so i don't know if you add the logo in the leo theme. If nothing works, you can try to add the logo as image directly in the email when in html edit (email translations) good luck!
  8. Did you check the translations (email translations) it is using the right links? You can compare with other emails where all is good. good luck!
  9. we are at 90% of disk space with our hosting, 75% of the space is due to the images, so I first want to try to lower that before we upgrade our hosting account.
  10. Thanks a lot for your explanation. Still jpg does not offer the possibility to have transparency and that would mean we have white borders because of image size differences. This is not acceptable, we are selling art, so the presentation is very important. On the product-list we have a light gray background of the "product-box" (grid view) so it would be ugly to see a part white. With png the light gray edge is bigger or smaller depending on the image. (our site: https://www.artupfront.com )
  11. I'm sorry Oexo France but I don't understand you! I have to use png because we need images to be transparent, but we saved them the wrong way. What I want to do is to save them for web, that way they will be 50% smaller in file size. By example 1 image is now 1,2mb, if I save for web it will be 650kb. Then when I upload the new image in the BO with the products I want to "delete this image" for the old one. If this option deletes the file in the img/p folder then I win 50% file size, so I have to know for sure if this is the case. Thanks for your time, greatly appreciated!
  12. I can't use jpg because i need transparency, that's only possible with png.
  13. Thank you Oexo France, much appreciated! If I understand correctly, the option in the BO actually deletes the image file in the img/p folder! We are using png images and they are from 500kb - 1,2MB, so I want to save them in another way so they will use half the size. I hope that by doing this (uploading files that are half the size now) I will save 50% diskspace. Because it will be a lot of work to save the files, upload them to the products and deleting the ones that are there now, it is important to know this will result in saving around 50% of the used diskspace for images. Hope you can confirm this?
  14. Hi All, Maybe this is a strange question, but we have the following situation. Using 1.6.11 and default theme. Our image folder is already at 3,5 GB, so we started looking how we can reduce this. We have an option of saving images in a way the file is smaller. Before we start to change our images (almost 600) I want to be sure that if I use the option "delete this image" in the product-image page in BO, it will also delete this image on the server. I tried to understand where the images are stored, but can't find out how to identify images because they don't have the name we used when uploading, so deleting them with ftp is no option I think. Please can anyone tell me if the "delete this image" option actually deletes in from the image/p folder so we get free disk space? Thanks for your time!!
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