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  1. I did some testing before I figured out whats going on. It appears that it is not related to database (db is upgraded in - Probably It is just one of those two files but I was a bit lazy so copied both of them I think it is a typical bug - a matter of line or two in the code. As for now - that override does not cause any troubles so far so it's safe until next update (and new adventures) Regards, Mac
  2. If you can't see specific prices in FO after upgrading to - place 2 files in the override/classes folder on your shop ftp. Files are: SpecificPrice.php SpecificPriceRule.php Files are located in classes folder. Files must be from previous version of prestashop, that is: Don't forget to delete class_index.php file from cache folder to see changes in FO. Regards, Mac
  3. Hi After upgrading from to I'm having this annoying problem. Some of my clients see price without tax on the product page, and then in the cart price is with tax (do it's higher). You can imagine what they think. Problem is that it only happens to particular clients - one per two weeks maybe. I can't research this problem since I see prices correctly - tested on many devices and with proxy servers (to see if location has an impact) - It is ok. Problem is deeper because I've set to show tax label near the price (tax incl.) And one client recently have seen the product with the price without tax (but wit "tax included label") and then in the cart the price went up by the tax value. - How is this possible? Any ideas where should I look? Could this be something with cookies? I read somewhere that setting them to 1h resets all the cookies on clients machines - but I didn't do it yet. Clients group are all set to show prices with tax, and taxes are set for every country. Thx, Mac.
  4. Ok - Solved it. To everyone who has hard time with categories In ps_category set id_category for root to 1, home to 2 and for home set to 1 in is_root_category collumn Don't forget to edit id_parent accordigly and edit other id_category column in other tables. The best part: Check also tables ps_configuration and there you can seet id_category for root and for home - set accordingly. Also in ps_shop set id_category to your root category (which sholud be 1) - root category - not the one set as root. Regards, Mac
  5. Hi. It looks like this: I upgraded form 1.5 to 1.6.1. Then Installed fresh install of newest version - and imported database to it - just in case, to avoid errors etc. Everything works fine, but there is one problem. It started when I wanted to use multistore function. During the process of setting it up - there is a field where I have to choose root category. But here is no one. The shop works fine but has no root category defined. So i checked database and it appear that root category has an ID of 686 (should be 1) and home category has an ID of 1 (should be 2). I don't know why it is that way and who did it before me. So I decided to repair this situation. And here is funny part. I set IDs of categories in database so root is 1, home is 2 and category that was 2 - now is 686. Also edited id_parent, position etc in all respective tables regarding categories. For the end I set form 0 to 1 in the "root" column of ps_category table to "home" category (that how it looks on fresh install - home is set to root category). Now whenever I open "categories" in admin - I see the old category ( I see "bike accessories" instead of root/home), but why - this category is not set as root? Question is - what am I missing - I edited everything in database correctly - it looks like there is a saved setting somewhere that sets id for root category and it is not in database. I can enter other categories only if I modify url, by adding &id_category[iD] - and then the breadcrumbs of categories looks ok. But when I click on home or root - I see category id is 686 (the old root category) in the url and the name is "bike accessories". Important thing is that category 686 had no 1 in "root" column in database - so technically it was not set as root. WTF ? Earlier I set category 686 to root. Then while creating new store in multistore I could choose root category. But after creating (importing from main store) second store all the products have no names. This is really f**d up. I think it has something to do with those messed up categories that's why I decided to mess with it. Anyone has any lead on this ? I have test installation and backups so I can freely test and modify things. Thx, Mac
  6. Isn't it more like a bad query - exactly the part: id_cateogry IN () - parenthesis should not be empty i think edit: I found a module (some specific payment module - third party) that had that query which throws that error. After disabling that module - rerror is no more. Now I need to test it on my main shop to see if this resolves missing default category.
  7. Hi. After debugging there is an error on every product page - no matter if the product is with "bad category" ort not. The error: Funny thing is that I have a copy of my shop(for testing purposes) and there is everything fine with categories, but there is the same error as above on any product page. And product page is perfectly fine. How to interpret this? Regards, Mac.
  8. Hi. Problem is that some products don't have default category assigned (or it is not showing). It dissapeared by itself - see attachement product-list.jpg But on the product page that category is assigned - see attachement default-cat.jpg The product is displayed on frontend in that category. Now - when I hit preview (or paste a link to that product) - there are no breadcrumbs. attachement product-page.jpg But if I navigate to that product - breadcrumbs are ok. What is important - I edited some fields in database - and the edit was done on table product_lang (there is nothing related to category in it) - so - question is - how this edit could cause this behaviour Please help Regards
  9. Bump - anyone? I also noticed that variable {shop_logo} is also empty thus every email sent to the client has no logo but empty var in curly braces, and logo image is in attachement. But - logo appears when a custom email template is sent. Why is that - any ideas?
  10. Hi, When I change order status to "shipping" in BO - prstashop sends an email to related client, using designated email template - "shipping" in this case. Problem is that instead of tracking link in that email there is an empty var: {followup} I noticed it also when I created custom template for email for some new status, and I used only defined variables (variables that are in default email templates) and again some are ok and some are not and they display in curly braces like this: {payment}. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I tried to search for solution but no luck. Version is - upgraded from 1.5.3 Best Regards, Mac
  11. Thank you - it works now. My problem was that I couldn't access admin panel earlier due to changes in url fields in database. If anyone has similar problem - what to do. After migrating to local - edit database acrodingly. create user so you could log in admin panel - here is instruction: http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/prestashop-15/308-password-change-via-database Next do as bellini13 wrote: delete your .htaccess file, and then log into your back office. visit the SEO and URL page, configure the domain and base url and save. Thx
  12. Hi everyone. Here is my problem. Presta 1.5.5 Downloaded all files from server. Downloaded and imported database. Changed settings in settings.inc.php Changed tables ps_shop_url to domain: loclahost domain_ssl: localhost physical_uri: /mysite/ Changed ps_configuration accordingly domain and domain_ssl to localhost Now with that configuration when I go to the site I get redirected to localhost and in effect I get localhost/xampp/ When I remove the last slash from physical_uri field so it looks like this: /mysite Then I get my site, but with all broken links, because of that deleted slash. I have no Ideas how to approach this. Changing urls in .htacces does nothing, unless i clear it completely - then I get 404 - which leads me to assumption that this might be something with rewrite engine, but again, changing some values gives no effect. Any ideas? Please help. Regards
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