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  1. Only if i create a hook is posible?It`s not so hard but... there are some sliders for categories pages? '
  2. How i cand aling the view button and cumpar button. I created for each one a div class but know i`m stuck. Please help my. Tnx!
  3. how i can remove the short_description_block on the product page
  4. This is the slider http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/16134
  5. i have a slider called "slidenewproducts" and i like to add it on one of the categories page.
  6. Try to chenge the width of title_bg_large.gif to you center width.
  7. How i can remove my titlebar of homefutured module, i tryed to remove it from global.css i found were it is but also remove it from the category titlebar. Here is the css text: div.block h4 { background:url("../img/block_header.gif") no-repeat scroll left top transparent; Tnx
  8. How i can add a silder to other pages not only homepage, all i try put my slider in my homepage. Tnx
  9. Hy, I have some questions: how can i reduce my product description text. like here: http://www.prestashopic.com/demo/shop1/category.php?id_category=16; i want to show a small part of him. Then how cand i remove my "view" button? Tnx.
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