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  1. PrestaShop version Shop URLhttp://projectxstores.pswebstore.com/ Current theme in use default-bootstrap 1. on my first page i have like 3 pictures (1 wide, 2 smaller to the side) - how and from where i can delete the other 2 pictures and keep the big picture as the one to be there forever and change the picture itself with something that will match my store? 2. on the big banner at the top, how can i change the phone number to mine? 3. how can i keep the site to be running in english language ONLY, so when i click the language tab it should not give me any other languages to translate to. 4. where can i get to change the text for the tabs at the bottom of the page where it says ( Information Specials New products Best sellers Our stores Contact us Terms and conditions of use About us Sitemap Thanks in advance.
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