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  1. Je zou ook een editor kunnen gebruiken zoals Stylizer 6 , daarmee zie je direct je volledige layout en kun werkelijk alles aanpassen wat je maar wilt en eventueel direct opslaan op de server. Gr. Martin
  2. Hello, It seems that alot of PS users want the same thing, but after scrolling true 40 pages on this forum i still can't find the solution for this problem. Even don't understand why the function is there, because it looks like ([email protected]#$) Greets Martin Ps
  3. Hello Paul I try't that but then also all text also isn't shown, i just what the image gone Regards, Martin
  4. Thanks for the reply, And where can i find that? is i in the backoffice or do i need to ajust this in a file? Greets Martin
  5. Hello, I would like to remove the wide header image from subcategories, is this possible and if it is, how can I do this? I do want to keep the small subcategories images though.... Using PS 1.6 So it's only the wide header image that I want removed. http://movingcrew.nl/nl/5-vrijblijvende-verhuisofferte-aanvragen Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I do not understand completely what you mean , the horizontal bar works but .. this the link to the active site : http://movingcrew.nl/
  7. I hope that someone can help me out here, by mistake i did a uninstall of the blocklayered navigation block and when trying to reinstall it i get the error: This module must be linked in a column and your theme it does not implement this. Im using the standard bootstrap theme with 1.6 Hoping someone can help me out, because im clueless greets, Martin
  8. Could someone tell me where i can remove the Double pic from Homeslider? As you can see on the screenshot it's way to mush info Thanks in advance, Greetz, Martin
  9. Also i can edit with homepage editor, it doesn't save any changes. Clueless what happened..
  10. I thought that the problem was fixed, but it doesn't, now categories only gives a blank page when i try to edit one of the categories
  11. Only European Union Cookies Law v1.3.5 - by MyPresta.eu is active, all others are deactivated but i deleted them from the server. And the problem is fixed.... Sow even deactivated the had influence on the shop? That you for your kind help
  12. Do i ? im not aware of any override, this is the standard default-bootstrap Can you tell me how to resolve this? the question is for what purposes you use this modification?, Non..... It should be the standard configuration
  13. Hello can somebody tell we what the problem here, i get a error when i try to go to catagories in the backoffice, im using prestashop
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