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  1. Hi again. as you can see from the photo the tracking code is present in the source but the google analytics for some reason can't find it... Any ideas/suggestions ???
  2. I found older threads for my problem and i tried a lot of things but yet nothing. I really can't find why it doesn't work.
  3. Hi to everyone, I am using the Google Analytics module but i can't get it to work. I checked the code and the google script that i added to the module is present to all my pages but i see no traffic. I also tried the API Google Analytics but i got "Cannot retrieve test results" Please if anyone knows a solution let me know because i want to launch tomorrow the site. My site is the www.kitchenblocks.be Thanks in advance
  4. Can someone post an updated version for the blocklayered.php / blocklayered.tpl please? I want the final selling price of the products to be displayed. Thanks in advance
  5. I have the same problem. I bought the theme from the official site but i can't install it.
  6. Hello to everybody. I have a problem with the price range slider. As you can see from the photos below the product the with lowest price 1579 - 760 = 819 it is not the first price on the list. For some unknown reason it starts with 544 and that is not normal. If i create a new product without tax it works perfectly. What can i do to make it work? Thanks in advance
  7. As you can see at the photo below somehow the position of the features is completely wrong and every time i try to change the order the change doesn't apply. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance
  8. I found the solution by editing the product.tpl and adding the if statement after the foreach <section class="page-product-box"> <h3 class="page-product-heading">{l s='Data sheet'}</h3> <table class="table-data-sheet"> {foreach from=$features item=feature} {if ($feature.name !='the_name_of_the_feature') && ($feature.name !='the_name_of_the_feature2')} <tr class="{cycle values="odd,even"}"> {if isset($feature.value)} <td>{$feature.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td> <td>{$feature.value|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td> {/if} {/if} </tr> {/foreach} </table> </section>
  9. Hi guys, i need some help. What i want to do: I have some product features that i want to add in the Layered navigation block but because their descriptions are too long and it doesn't look nice i want to create a second feature with only a Yes or No description. The second one is the one that i want to hide completely from the product. Features example: Washing Machine : Capacity: 9 kg - Spin speed: 1600 rpm - Quick wash time: 30 minutes - Energy rating: A+++ Washing Machine : Yes <<-- I want to hide this in the product If there is another way for the Layered navigation block to search by displaying if the there is any kind of value in the washing machine feature work for me too. But as far as i know it will display the exact value of the feature. I hope that there is a solution to my problem.
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