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  1. Hello, I am developing a module that uses the web service of a delivery provider in order to register orders and get delivery reference id. All is working good until i add bulk action for mass printing of orders. To be precise i did add any code to the bulk actions yet. All I did is add bulk actions in __construct and the appropriate functions. $this->bulk_actions = array( 'printSelected' => array( 'text' => $this->l('Εκτύπωση επιλεγμένων'), 'confirm' => $this->l('Να προχωρήσω στη εκτύπωση?')), 'printSheet' => array( 'text' => $this->l('Εξαγωγή επιλεγμένων παραγγελιών'), 'confirm' => $this->l('Να προχωρήσω στη εξαγωγή?')), ); And the functions protected function processBulkPrintSelected() { print_r($this->boxes); } protected function processBulkPrintSheet() { print_r($this->boxes); } Now when I click on one bulk action i get a Fatal Error: Uncaught exception 'ReflectionException' you can see the attachment for more details. Any ideas why this is happening? I developed bulk actions before but i never faced an issue like this! I am developing the module on
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