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  1. I'm working on configuration of the new prestashop. I see the PayPal module is not present. Mus be installed the 1.6 version? Prestashop PHP 5.6 MySQL 5.6.34 SSL store
  2. In module list I have 3 modules to be upgraded. When I click on the upgrade button it seems the system works, but it's not real. The spinnig wheel turns, but nothing happens. For hours, if you want. But the system is not working. A.E. "prestashop optimizer 1.9.1" to be upgraded 1.9.2. or "language selector" or "social media"... Prestashop PHP 5.6 MySQL 5.6.34 SSL store
  3. Ok, I'm go ahead even if seems not to do. It works.
  4. In out main store, the 1-Click module indicate that it's impossible to compare to in order to define wich modules need to be upgraded, modified or deleted. So, it's impossible to do the upgrade. We have removed the plugin and reinstalled, but no changes. Manually downloading the version, is not indicated the changes needed to upgrade. Some hint?
  5. No, endriu107. The problem is generated by LiveEdit. Before to use LiveEdit the buttons of the module are located only on the right side. After positioning the module on the left side (not column, left side of center block!), in LiveEdit I see exately what I need, but the front page product page get two set of buttons. And is not a cache problem: actually I'm not using a cache and to be 100% sure I've deleted manually all cache files.
  6. We use PrestaShop and we have a strange situation: after activation of sharebuttons module the buttons correctly appears under the "buy" button. Moving the module using LIVE EDIT, the new position is acquired but... the module is twice shown. I don't know if the error is in the module or in liveedit, but has anyone a solution? Attached a screenshot
  7. When I generate a pack, containing our products, there are problems composing the pack. Some images are not shown but are present in the product and usually shown. In some situation the price of the single product is not shown in the pack page. Images are regenerated. All images are correctly shown in every single product page All product data are correctly shown in every single product page. Prestashop
  8. I don't need more spam. Thank you selectshop.at By the way... if you block foreign customers, and you read our post where is indicated we are italians, why do you waste your and my time?
  9. ok, also posted on http://forge.prestashop.com/ I don't think someone will give us any help.
  10. I wrote many times, this month, for a big problem with search. I receive only 1 answer, spam. Nothing from Prestashop team. The problem is this: If I edit a product, after saving the product disappear from search results if the language selected is different from English. Our main language is Italian. PS Search index rebuilted many times.
  11. Magnusjacobsen, have you verified the use of UTF-8 encode for the whole database?
  12. Problem. When you use indexation, and try to regenerate full index, or add new products, when the user in front-end do a search, the products edited are not shown if the language is different from english. Some array is not correctly created. It may be a problem in the language ids: english has id 1 and our main language has id 6. No more language are used.
  13. Update: For the search: the table search_index was not correctly updated if product is modified. A.E. if you add a specific price, the table lost the data. This happens both when saving of the product crash or not. Saving of the product seems not crash if the option for application of the language automatically from the language of the browser is turned OFF. Thank you, Presta Team, for you quick and precious help.
  14. Prestashop I've tryed several times to fine some help, but I have no answers from Presta Team. We have a debug site for our store, when we apply the new versions of Presta before to apply them to the main store. Now, with the last version, we find a very greath bug. If you edit a product, this one will not find by the internal search engine. In some case I find in the database empty fields in the table search language. And the problem is only in our main language, Italian, and not in the english version. Please, don't suggest to us to update the indexation. Water still boil at 100°C. In some occasion, also, the product page crash on saving the modified product. It seems all data are written, but I'm not sure. Is it possible to have any gesture of interest from Prestashop?
  15. Where are you, Prestashop team? Why you don't answer me?
  16. Prestashop Two big big problems, I think due by the same bug: 1 - if you edit a product, when saving the page crash (blank page). some voices are saved, but how many not??? 2 - if you edit a product, after saving is not searchable: if you use the sku the product don't exist. But manually, from product list, you may see it's still here. if you edit manually the database, you may fix this problem, but you must remember to edit the db everytime... Search works only in english. Our main language is italian.
  17. PS Rev Slider 4.2.4 I can't upload the images. I have an error 401. Some solution?
  18. Ok. Update: the seach module don't work in multi language; only english data are written in database. Manually inserting in the tables - search_index - search_word the values taken from the backup of last working database (from, the search works. So, PrestaShop team, we need you fix it asap!!!
  19. No one of this may create a search index working in our primary language, italian and not englis.
  20. PS updated from The search module don't work (even quicksearch) if the language is set to "italian" or other languages. Only english works. In the prev. version all works fine. Some help?
  21. Thank you for your help. I've found a general problem in searchcron.php This is the code: if (!defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_')) define('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_', getcwd()); include(_PS_ADMIN_DIR_.'/../config/config.inc.php'); Context::getContext()->shop->setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL); if (substr(_COOKIE_KEY_, 34, 8) != Tools::getValue('token')) die; ini_set('max_execution_time', 7200); Search::indexation(Tools::getValue('full')); if (Tools::getValue('redirect')) Tools::redirectAdmin($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].'&conf=4'); The module set a max_execution_time wich is already defined in our server configuration (or in php.ini, if you use this). Actually I don't know if this may create problems, but if I rem the line time is not taken from server configuration but automatically go to 30s.
  22. Thank you, el Patron. We have the and the variable from 1.5 is already fixed. The problem is due to a bad update procedure, who don't update all modules or functions. Prestashop has not really care of this. In the time, we have made all updates from 1.5 to and I'm sure there are modules or controllers not working in this version.
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