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  1. Huge congrats! The improvements make a huge difference! It's a shame that when you search for 'Gatsby' for example, you get all the flat caps too, but that's Prestashop. Your site is an inspiration and I plan to buy a Hat from your amazing shop soon! Brilliant!
  2. Nice site! Really one of the better ones I've seen! The logo scroller at the top is a nice touch. Nothing to say really! The only thing I wasn't keen on is the background image but I wouldn't hesitate buying from your store! Great work!
  3. This a good thread. How do you create a App for your webshop? "In 2 years from now, people will spend twice as much time on their mobiles vs. desktops." Tony Markovski #AdobeDEB Therefore I really need to plan how my Prestashop can be easily created as an App.
  4. Very 'Sweet' site! Haha! Sorry, someone had to say that, but it's very good looking and tempting! A few more pictures of the cakes at different angles with some close ups pictures might help, but apart from that, it's great!
  5. My Prestashop is currently on : amazing.com/shop (not the real name but it should be!) When I enter: shop.amazing.com in a browser I come to: amazing.com/shop When I change the shop URL in the backend to URL: shop.amazing.com SSL URL: shop.amazing.com Base URL :/shop/ I enter: shop.amazing.com in a browser I get a 500 Error. in the frontend And when I change the Base URL to: / Prestashop backend breaks and the front end address is shop.xxxxxx.com/shop Anyone got any ideas whats going on and how to solve it?
  6. NIce site! Good products but I would try to reflect the class of the logo throughout the site. I'd change the blue for sure. This is just a very quick example: Good luck!!
  7. Hi! Well, I'm think do I need: Abandoned cart module Gift Card Module A Before you checkout see these- Module etc... I wonder if anyone found modules which increase user experience and in turn sales? (of course a lot is down to what products I'm selling!) And thanks for the speed tips too! ;-D
  8. There are so many add on modules offering boosts to sales or efficency etc... but which one has really worked for you? I'm looking at so many I'm getting confused! The modules are too expensive to make a mistake with, so what's been the best experience so far?
  9. Wow! Yeah, this is gonna be a hard site to beat! Works and looks like the products -top quality. I personally don't like the page being on the left but it wouldn't stop me buying! Took a while to see where to click buy though.... Superb, and I raise my hat to you!
  10. Really nice site! I feel it just need a few video adverts (under each product) and you'll sell some TV's. I was even tempted as I live in Sweden and could use a new one!
  11. Is this prestashop 1.5? Bigger pictures please! I know the pins are small but the pictures shouldn't be. Some of the wonderful selling details of the items just can't be seen :-( It's not responsive either and today it really should be. So many people use phones these days, which is why the picture size is an issue for me. But good luck and keep improving!
  12. I'd start with changing the script font as it detracts from the excellent products. Then do everything las3r said! :-D Good luck and post an update!
  13. Nice site and cool products! My only comment is the logo (which I'm not so keen on) looks diferent to the one on the main slide, which is just a brand issue, but you should add some more slides. Apart from that great job and happy selling!!
  14. Does this work on Prestashop 1.6? Sorry, just found that it was :-) Compatibility: Prestashop 1.2/1.6
  15. Hi Malinda! Thanks so much for your quick reply! Shame you're not a developer!! That's a real shame he didn't get back to you and Prestashop should be made aware of this. Love what you've done with the look of your site, and you're right, it fits well. Nice to have a shop that looks unique after some adjustments. I also think the theme is beautiful but there are cheaper templates with excellent support on Themeforest but I love THIS theme!! :-D Think I'll get it and ask the forum for advice if I also get stuck. Thanks again and happy selling!
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