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  1. So i installed a new Prestashop with an external theme not the default Bootstrap one. After installation what i have noticed is that i have multistores enabled in my back office, like when i go to Advanced Parameters > Multistores it gives me a multistore tree displaying 3 stores. I want only one store the other two are the extra ones so i need to delete them to speed my site's loading time. Currently my site takes too long to open like 4 to 5 minutes. If theres any other method to increase loading time please share. If needed i can share the site address. http://www.gotakinari.co.uk
  2. I want is when the quantity of product becomes less than or equal to 2 - it should automatically disable or dissapear from front-end and when we increase the quantity to any number greater than 2 - it should auomatically appear on front-end.
  3. Hello i am looking for a module or a script to auto-hide product from front-end when its quantity becomes less than or equal 2 and when quantity is greater than 2 it automatically shows-up on front end.
  4. Hello i am new to Prestashop family.I am building an online clothing store where i would like to add a customized size guide sheet for buyer or customer to fill his/her bodily measurements like chest,arm length,neck,thighs,hips etc.The default S,M,L sizes are not meeting my reuirements so i want something like a filling form which customer can fill if he/she needs alterations with existing clothing article. Please note that i am currently applying default bootstrap theme.
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