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  1. oui mais une solution à un prix inférieur à 200€, voire gratuite serait idéale
  2. Merci Alexandre pour tes remarques constructives J'ai bien essayé d'enregistrer ma propre voix à la place de Balabolka mais la qualité sonore est médiocre. Je cherche une solution alternative pour sonoriser ma vidéo de manière plus agréable..
  3. Bonjour à tous, Pourriez-vous me donner votre avis sur mon site d'annonces svp ? Son adresse: http://www.fifopharma.com Merci
  4. J'ai installé le module Chat en direct de Belvg mais il provoque la perte de mon cadenas dans l'URL car mon site est en https. A la place, j'ai le fameux triangle..ce qui est déstabilisant pour les visiteurs. Je présume que le problème vient du baseDir in Ajax dans livechat.tpl mais je ne suis pas expert. J'ai modifié {$belvg_img_dir} par {$base_dir_ssl} mais ça ne change pas la donne. Si quelqu'un a une solution, je lui serai éternellement reconnaissant
  5. I'm looking for an expert advice.. I've bought Advanced Marketplace for Prestashop 1.6. I've seen the "Prestashop Marketplace Product Combination" module but it doesn't really fit my need.. I'd like to collect a department number during seller registration process and add this field to each new product created by the seller in order the navigation layered to allow such selection. According to me, this functionality should be natively included in the module but is not... First, I've created feature "department" values from 1 to 99 in back office. (=France). Then, I have created a new field called "departement_seller" in "marketplace_seller_info" table (it 's a number between 1 and 99). This field is filled by the sellers during the registration process. With my customisation, I can display this field value in front product.tpl using {$departement_seller} and in admin BO as well but what i'm searching to do is to affect this field value to every products added by sellers in order to allow blockfeatured navigaton to display those selection. I presume I should add some code to addproductprocess.php but don't know how to do that. I would really appreciate your help, Thanks,
  6. I've bought this webkul module https://store.webkul.com/PrestaShop-Extensions/Prestashop-Advanced-Marketplace.html and have customised it this way : I've added 3 new fields to marketplace_seller_product table named: - brand name - EAN code - peremption date I've added 1 field to marketplace_seller_info named : - department number It works rather fine from front and back but now, I would like : 1- to pass my variable EAN code to table ps_product in order to allow my customers to instantsearch results just printing ean codes. I've tried to insert data like this in addproductprocess.php: Db::getInstance()->execute("INSERT INTO `"._DB_PREFIX_."product` (ean13)VALUE('".$code_EAN_du_lot."')"); but the problem is that it adds 2 rows in ps_product table instead of just updating the table correctly.. 2- to allow my customers to display all products from a single department number (=the field i've added to marketplace_seller_info table). I've tried unsuccessfully to customise a module but the combination is quite hard to achieve because datas are not stored at the right place.. If you've tried the same and have a solution, please help xxx Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, Thanks for answering. My purpose is not to create an avatar image; I want the visitors to upload a document (word ou pdf or png or jpg) to proove that they are real professionnals. Once I'll receive their document, I'll be able to validate their account creation and allow them to access content of the webiste. Do you get it ? how can I tunr this override on in back office ?
  8. Hi, Did you find a solution cause I have exacty the same question... Thanks
  9. I need to add an input file uploader in customer registration (see the jp). Indeed, my customers need to proove that they are pros to access the website content. This field would be required to validate their account creation. I've spend about 3 days (dealing with authentification.tpl, customer.php overriding...) but still don't know how. Please, help xx
  10. I want to add an input file uploader in customer registration form in Prestashop v1.6 as well. This document is required to account creation.I'm stuck for days.. I've added lines to authentification.tpl around line 131 like this : <div class="required form-group"> <label for="carte_pro">{l s='Upload Professionnal card :'}<sup>*</sup></label> <input type="file" class="is_required validate form-control" data_validate="isFichiercorrect" id="carte_pro" name="carte_pro" value="{if isset($smarty.post.carte_pro)}{$smarty.post.carte_pro}{/if}" /> <p>{l s='Valid extensions are doc,pdf,jpg,jpeg and png.'}</p> </div> Then around line 464 : <div class="required form-group"> <label for="carte_pro">{l s='Upload Professionnal card :'} <sup>*</sup></label> <input onkeyup="$('#carte_pro').val(this.value);" type="file" class="is_required validate form-control" data-validate="isFichiercorrect" id="customer_carte_pro" name="carte_pro" value="{if isset($smarty.post.carte_pro)}{$smarty.post.carte_pro}{/if}" /> </div> Then I overrided customer.php by ading thoses lines : around line 30 : public$carte_pro; and around line 68 : 'carte_pro' => array('type' => self::TYPE_STRING, 'validate' => 'isFichiercorrect', 'required' => true, 'size' => 128), Then I overrided the Validate.php file by adding at the end : ** * Validation carte_pro * @static */public static function isFichiercorrect($carte_pro){ return preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9_.-]+$/', $name);} I precise that i generated inbetween an Sql request to create my field like this :ALTER TABLE ps_customer ADDcarte_proVARCHAR(128) NOT NULL The thing is, that nothing really works. I'd appreciate your precious help considering that I've past so many hours to solve this..I would be great to be notified in back office and able to display there the document..Please help xx
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