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  1. @ Loulou66 you are a star! it's now working fine with sending emails to friends. Keep up the great work! thank you so much
  2. Hello, great work on this free module! ...But we have the same problem, friend does never receive emails. I tried everything but the email never get's sent to the email entered in the customiziable field. I thought this was fixed. Using PS and GiftCard 3.3.2 You have made a fantastic module, if only this function would work as expected. Thanks
  3. Hello, same problem, friend does never receive emails. I tried everything but the email never get's sent to the email entered in the customiziable field. I thought this was fixed... You have made a fantastic module, if only this function would work as expected. Thanks
  4. Hi Helder, I tried your link for the beta but cannot connect: Authentication error.... Is there any way to test this module and is it still active in development? Thanks
  5. I think the problem might be that we use the fork Thirtybees for this install. Have you tried your module with it? on a fresh install of TB, your module works just fine, so must be another issue. Keep up the good work!
  6. Great work on this free module! all seems to work pretty good, except that if we use the customized fields, multiple emails get sent to the customer and admin (one for each customization). So if you only put the first name in, you get 1 email but if you put First Name, last name, email and message in, you will receive 4 identical emails with the gift card upon accepted payment. I had a quick look at the code and could see in file giftcard.php around line 1716: for ($j = 0; $j < count($customization['datas'][1]); $j++) I think that's where the issue comes from. Can't quite figure how to solve this. any help please?
  7. I have the exact same issue, fresh install ( through Softaculous). I can only access BO when I enable debug. Otherwise the login page just refreshes. LieBM's solution does work for us. Update: This problem only seems to happen on installations done through Softaculous as it renames the admin folder. Will report this to the Softacuolus team...
  8. When you set Preferences -> Customers to "Re-display cart at login" then add a product to an existing order through admin, PS creates a new cart for this product. Then when customer logs in to frontend, they can see that product sitting in their cart, even though it has already been added to their order. I would consider this either a bug or a very confusing functionality that needs addressing.
  9. we had the same issue on PS 1.6.16 and I just discovered that when I enable dev mode in defines.inc.php like this: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); then the list of changed files works again in admin Configuration Information. hope this helps.
  10. for us, this has solved the issue: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/483630-bug-161-1-1612-classesstockstockavailablephp/ It is a bug in file Core/Business/Stock/Core_Business_Stock_StockManager.php at line 126 you should have like this: $stockAvailable->quantity = $stockAvailable->quantity + $delta_quantity; $stockAvailable->id_product = (int)$product->id; $stockAvailable->id_product_attribute = (int)$id_product_attribute; $stockAvailable->update();
  11. Hi, we're also having massive issues with latest PayPal v3.10.7: 1) Can't save credentials at all. It always comes back with "error...you must save credentials..." 2) Getting "baseDir is not defined" in other modules 3) Img path is incorrect, so no logo displayed old version v3.10.2 works fine... thanks
  12. can anyone confirm this bug has been fixed with this commit (PS 1.6.15): https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/4438/files or do we still need that override now?
  13. has anyone ever managed to show multiple columns of product features? In AdminProductsController.php I have: $this->_join .= ' LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_product` fp ON (fp.`id_product` = a.`id_product` AND fp.`id_feature` = '.ID_FEATURE.') '; $this->_join .= ' LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang` fl ON (fp.`id_feature_value` = fl.`id_feature_value` AND b.`id_lang` = fl.`id_lang`) '; $this->fields_list['feature'] = array( 'title' => $this->l('Artist'), 'width' => 100, 'filter_key' => 'fl!value', ); But when you have more than 1 feature, it lists each product twice or 3 times (depending how many features there are). Ideally we'd like to have 1 column per feature and only show the same product on 1 single line. How do I add more columns for each feature? Thank you PS community!
  14. first of all, I admire your attitude towards community dev and for taking the time to post this here. yes I am one of these desperate souls that would need exactly that sort of functionality on my site. I have carefully followed all your steps and got to the point where my product list shows all artists inclusive the hyperlinks. however upon clicking the links, I am presented with the dreadful "THIS PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE WE'RE SORRY, BUT THE WEB ADDRESS YOU'VE ENTERED IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE." page. So something with the routes must be wrong but I can't seem to figure out what (yes, I spent a couple of hours looking at the code and I am new to PS coding and also a very poor php dev.) I named my module "artistmodule" and in the artistmodule.php I have added the code public function install() { Configuration::updateValue('ARTISTMODULE_LIVE_MODE', true); return parent::install() && $this->registerHook('header') && $this->registerHook('backOfficeHeader') && $this->registerHook('moduleRoutes') && $this->registerHook('displayHome'); } public function hookmoduleRoutes($params) { $routes = array(); //One block like this by kind of feature you want to link to $routes['module-artistmodule-artist'] = array( 'controller'=>'artist', 'rule'=>'artist{/:code}', 'keywords'=>array( 'code'=>array( 'regexp'=>'[\w_-]+', 'param'=>'short_code' ) ), 'params'=>array( 'fc'=>'module', 'module'=>'artistmodule', 'controller'=>'artist' ) ); } my (non-working) URL looks like this http://mywebsite/artist/401_dj-rum This is on a PS Any help would be appreciated - and yes I would actually buy your module for $40...got exited when I saw your fake product box Thanks
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