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  1. Hello. I have a problem with my shop. I installed a payment gateway module and it registers the payment in the administrative panel of the bank, but when it comes back to prestashop after doing the payment it redirects to the order page and it doesnt register the order in the back office. When i turn on the error reporting i get the "“[Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead" error, if i click in the url of the error it takes me to the order page too. Anyone knows how to fix this or when i must look? Best regards
  2. Solved! It was the group restrictions to see prices.
  3. Thank you! Finally i made it checking if the user it's a guest instead of check if its logged. Big thanks anyway
  4. Thanks for the answer. But i have another question. Whats the best way to check if the user is logged in the mail.php? Because i tried many ways to do but doesnt seems to work properly
  5. Somebody know how to change the email template the user receives if the user is logged or not?
  6. Hello, i have a problem with my prestashop. When triyng to make an order as a guest, the order itself proceeds perfectly but the step after you introduce your guest data (email, name, phone...) the cart gets "corrupted" if you hover with the mouse the cart doesn't show and if you click the cart i get this message "This store has not accepted your new order." Like i said if you do all the steps and finalize the order, thats its perfect and it shows in the backend. Anyone know how to fix or where i have to look to fix the problem?
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