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  1. Hi were you able to find any solution for this?? I have a similar problem.
  2. Hi Loanlaux, Sorry I still ave this problem. No solution yet. I tried many things but nothing works. the page is still showing 404 error in latest versions of prestashop
  3. Any solutions guys?? I have root category as 1 and Home category is 2. I do not know why this error comes up as the database is same as my other site only difference is the version of prestashop is different.
  4. I have a request to create an e-commerce in which products are supplied by different suppliers. I have used prestashop where my products are all supplied form only one supplier. I want to do something like this, - have products supplied by various suppliers and then rotate selling the product from each of the supplier that product has. The price from each supplier remains same so changing supplier every time a product is sold will not affect customers.
  5. Sorry I got it fixed. I went in to administration->employees and changed my password and that created a new token. Which now logs in and out fine. thanks for this post though, it was helpful getting in to the back office.
  6. I have the exact same problem. I am still looking for an answer. For my site the following is already turned on so i tried turning it off and then turning it back on. But it does not log out. Preferences > SEO & URLs, "Disable apache multiviews" and "Disable apache mod security"
  7. I have main Categories, Sub Categories and default categories for each product. I entered data via sql in to ps_category_lang table. All the data seems fine when i look at the sql table. But when i log in to back office. The data appears to be missing in default categories. Main and sub categories are correct. As you can see the default category 1000104001017 has name and link_rewrite. In the back office you can see the same data with name and ID. But when i edit the default category it is empty. No name and no url. has this happened to anyone? I have made sure that the categories are active.
  8. In my prestashop I had to change the id_category to (bigInt) instead of (Int) in all the tables that had this id also the table ps_product and ps_product_shop has id_category_default has been changed to the same. A lot of my categories are showing the following error There is 1 error 1. Missing category ID Here is a link to the error categories http://toorakcomputerservices.com.au/1008026002229-auto-marine-accessories Can someone shed a light as to why this might be happening. I have searched some answers on the forums but their solutions do not work for me.
  9. I am searching for products through the search box and some of them are missing. I have 23436 products. I built my entire search index and now it is showing 23436/23436 products indexed as can be seen in the attached image. But lot of them do not appear in search. For example if you go to my website toorakcomputerservices.com.au . Search for product name CISCO 2.4 GHZ 5.2 DBI CEILING OMNI ANT. W/RP It searches correctly. But if i enter another product CE271A 650A CYAN TONER CARTRIDGE It says product not found. Does anyone know how i can fix this. Also there is another thing i observed. If you go to Computers-> Notebooks/Tablets Accessories-> Notebooks Cases , on the right hand side in Navigation panel, If you look at the manufacturers. Targus shows 67 products. But when i select Targus it shows 60 products only. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. Hi I don't see any error on these pages http://www.halibul.com/hali http://www.halibul.com/hali.php
  11. Yes you will have to import tables that are co-related. I have sent you a message for information about the tables that you need. Do check it and tell me if that is what you are looking for.
  12. The SQL database you are talking about is it having prestashop tables or your custom tables? When you say import categories from a SQL database to a csv, I feel like you want to Export categories from SQL to CSV. Something like this image from my Cpanel myPhpAdmin
  13. hi did you get any help in error. I am getting same error and other issues too. Nobody seems to reply here. I tried searching google with Prestashop + ErrorMessage but it does not give me anything useful at all..
  14. Before $message = $_POST['message']; Use this line header('Location:http://UrlOfThePageYouWant'); It should redirect to whatever page you are after
  15. Thank you for replying Here is my theme and right column hooks. I have layered navigation block hooked to right column. And i wish to enable this right column in products and categories pages but there is no option. My older websites did have these options so i do not know why they are missing in this new prestashop installation.
  16. try this link, it may help https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/400285-solvedtheme-configurator-modifications/?p=1996844
  17. Were you able to get a solution for this. I am looking for something similar
  18. I believe prestashop has a bug or problem in the theme advanced settings or maybe its just my theme causing this problem. 1). In the advanced settings i clicked on display right column and clicked on save button, it went to a blank page. It still does. Does anyone know how to solve that. 2). I am trying to have the right column displayed in the Categories (meta) page, but there is no such option. I used to have it in the old prestashop versions of my other sites as shown in images. I noticed someone asked a similar question somewhere but probably did not get any answer. I cannot seem to find that post any more.
  19. Yes that's correct, I need something like that. I think your English is just fine. (This is coming from an Indian. My English is not very good either )
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