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  1. same problem here. our products with 0 quantity are listed as "In Stock." I can change each product individually, but the global default setting for out of stock products is show In Stock. Any ideas?
  2. Me too. I deleted a credit from the database, but the order is still showing the products as refunded so I can not re-do the credit. Anyone know where to reset the order?
  3. Hi. Thanks for this module. I am using PS The date/time option is not working in the Order ID section. However, it is on the Order Reference - so I am getting an overall order reference that I want (YY000###). However, I want to use the same number as the Invoice number but because I am using the %Y in the order reference instead of the Order ID I only get the sequential numbers (INV0000###). And the delivery slips are not being generated at all.
  4. After installing the paypal module, the usps module stopped working again. Turning off one page checkout no longer helps. Anyone know how to get this thing to work consistently??
  5. Well - I saw someone else had turned off 1-page checkout and got it to work. I already had it off so I just turned it on to see what would happen. Presto! now it works. I can turn it back off and it still works. No idea why it's happening, but good luck to the next person.
  6. I should have noted that I get "Connect to USPS is configured and online!" in the module settings, but still can't get access rate informaiton in the shopping cart. Thanks
  7. Hello. I am new to Prestashop. I am building a new store on a demo site before I replace our existing ZenCart store. I cannot get the USPS shipping module to work! I have been through all the related forum posts and have try everything I can think of. I still get an error on checkout "There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected." I am using Prestashop v1.6.0.9 and Connect to USPS v1.3.5. Can anyone offer some advise? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the module a few times and nothing seems to be working. I must be missing something simple. Thanks
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