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  1. Am verificat era dezactivat, l-am activat, am dat restart la apache, am incercat sa instalez versiunea anterioara de prestashop si aceiasi problema.
  2. Instalarea se face pe un vps. pe curat. am incercat sa pun sau nu demo products, am incercat sa aleg EN-GB sau EN-US ca limbi de instalare. nimic nu a functionat $split_languages = explode(',', $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] ?? 'en-us'); chiar si asa. nimic nu a functionat. ma gandesc ca problema are la baza partea de browser care sugereaza o limba pentru website-uri... oricum e clar bug. in versiunile trecute nu am avut problema asta.
  3. Salutare. Am incercat sa instalez un nou magazin. Indeplinesc toate conditiile pentru instalare. Am ales limba romana (poate de asta am aceasta eroare) si cand am ajuns la 75% partea de module am gasit o eroare 200. Parse Error. Am activat deug mode din config si eroarea este de fapt : Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\ContextErrorException: Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE in public_html/src/PrestaShopBundle/Install/LanguageList.php:190 Stack trace: #0 public_html/install/classes/controllerHttp.php(136): PrestaShopBundle\Install\LanguageList->detectLanguage() #1 public_html/install/classes/controllerHttp.php(175): InstallControllerHttp->__construct() #2 public_html/install/index.php(49): InstallControllerHttp::execute() #3 {main} thrown in /public_html/src/PrestaShopBundle/Install/LanguageList.php on line 190 In locatie am gasit: $split_languages = explode(',' , $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']); Pareri?
  4. Hello! I am trying to create a module for the admin section, and i am trying to figure out come stuff. The public function init() is loaded automatically? or do i stiil have to autoexecute it using the parent:init() ? the following code does not work... and i do not understand why. Does it have to do with the getFlashBag method? in order to trigger this code i put a link which has the href: ?controller=AdminDashboard&action=1" with and without token.
  5. Hello! I have the following problem. When i put in a tpl the smarty debug using: {debug} i get the following error: Type error: Argument 1 passed to PrestaShopBundle\Twig\LayoutExtension::escapeSmarty() must be of the type string, null given, called in /home........public_html/prestadef/src/PrestaShopBundle/Twig/LayoutExtension.php on line 234 which is: my tpl is simply : The problem goes away if i remove the debug.
  6. Hello. I have bunch of problems with a freshly installed prestashop. I started working on some modules developed by myself and the goal is to create a theme of my own. I have programing experience but still i am facing a lot of problems. First of all i haven't been able to find a good tutorial creating a theme from 0 to 100%. The information is rather ambiguos or else there are many problems with Prestashop. For example. My current scenario is like this: I tried to make a theme folder, followed all the information with config yml and so on and when i try to switch to my theme usually i get some errors about cache. I will return with another post regarding this specific subject. I hate cache - so in my case anything related to cache is disabled. i do not use cloudflare yet and still i have cache issues. Even if i delete the var/cache folder there are still errors. I cannot figure it out from where the problems are coming - so instead i tried to take the classic theme and create a child theme. All the same - some other problems appeared - which i overlook because i didn't had the time to look into. SO my final solution was to copy the classic theme folder modify it and use it as my theme. From this point this is my actual problem: In my theme I have used the EXACT config from the default theme and the shop is not the same as in the prestashop demo (classic theme) some modules are misbehaving. For example: I am on the index, on the main page, and if i scroll juuuust a little bit there are some modals which are not allowing me to use the elements on the page (links,button etc). The module that causes this, is the wishlist module which creates some modals asking me to sign in in order to see the wishlist. In the same matter for example in the links in the footer were not displayed like this by default. but rather collapsed or hidden. I could see just the title and everything else collapsed or hidden. ON inspection there were classes used to make the accordion in the mobile version. (hidden, collapsed, fade in etc) Could it have to do with the fact that i am using the last bootstrap version? 5.0? and the latest Jquery 3.6.0 ? Is there a compatibility problem? On the backend, i tried to refresh a module which should have used the method uninstall and install and the module should have reverted to default settings, but instead nothing happend. I Tried to uninstall the module WITHOUT deleting the folder (that checkbox) - at first it showed on the list BUT there were no options available at the checkbox to the right (To install, uninstall configure and so on). No as i am writing this post, my wishlist module (the default one from prestashop) (even though it was uninstalled not deleted, and appears in the folders on the FTP) it doesn't appear in my module list in order to reinstall it. Does anyone else have simmilar problems with this version of prestashop? what is the solution? EDIT2 :Another problem: for example the main menu on hover shoul show the subcategories: in my case : Nothing. On inspect :
  7. Salutare. Intampin probleme la sectiunea THEME. Problema sta in felul urmator: Incerc sa fac o tema noua - lucru pe care l-am mai facut in trecut. As vrea sa fac chiar o tema child derivata din cea classic. Am incercat cred ca tot ce se putea : 1) am incercat sa fac un folder nou in care sa creez structura necesara inclusiv theme.yml pe care l-am configurat corespunzator cu parent:classic, si continutul blank in speranta ca fac o thema child. De asemenea am copiat intreg fisierul theme.yml din thema classic in folderul meu si l-am modificat corespunzator (la indicatiile gasite pe documentatia oficiala devs.prestashop.com) 2) Am urcat folderul prin ftp in themes/ dupa care l-am regasit in backend dar la schimbarea temei primesc eroarea: 3) De asemenea am incercat sa arhivez folderul meu local in format zip si sa instalez tema prin metoda install theme din backend lucru care nu functioneaza deoarece spune ca nu gaseste fisierul de configurare al temei - (am citit in alte parti, si am observat si in teme premium ca exista un fisier xml al temei ce se foloseste la install) . 4) am incercat sa dau export la tema classic - a creat o arhiva zip pe caree am descarcat-o, am dezarhivat-o, am modificat-o, am actualizat arhiva si am incercat sa o reincarc in backend prin install theme tot nu merge. Ce anume nu fac corect? Unde pot gasi un tutorial cap coada FUNCTIONAL pentru a crea o tema child, sau o tema completa?
  8. Hello! I want to modify a little bit the backend. I have a lot of information describing the products - as given by the manufacturer, and i want to split this information in 5 tabs. I have looked everywhere for the description and short_description tabs which are already available when you edit a product -- but with no success. As close i got - was the adminproductscontroller.php where - surprisingly i didn't found any update sql clause. What i am trying to do is to have multiple tabs available when you edit a product and to enter my data there as you can already do in description and short description tabs... I have already modified the table in phpmyadmin on the server, so the fields do exist. I could just enter the data manually in the database, and see this data in frontend using with tpl. But where to look for the admin backend? I appreciate any guidance. So where to look please? Thank you very much.
  9. Hello! I have a multistore configured. I have developed a custom module following the information found on official sourses. Whatever i do, the module doesn't show in BO. Refresh , clear cache ... nothing. Also i have tried to copy a working module and modified to my desired outcome. Still not showing out. Do you have this problem?
  10. Hello! I would like some help regarding the following problem. I want to develop a new theme for my shop. In order to do that, i copied the classic theme, i have renamed the folder, i have edited the config and uploaded the theme to the theme folder. I have installed it from the admin section, everything works, except some positioning in the hooks. All the content from the header and the footer is gone. I have transplanted some module to the corresponding hooks - but i was forced to switch to the classic theme for a few minutes - and after i switched back to my theme - the modules that i had transplanted before, dissapeared again. What is the problem? Running on Prestashop version :
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