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  1. Thank you @kyrios @selectshop.at, I think I will respect that, I found this advice the best of all and will keep in mind for the future, it definitely does not cause any harm having the unique ids, I guess it makes unique urls much more wider by adding these unique ids
  2. I think I will take your advice and let it remain it appears that a lot of people advise not to remove the ids am not sure why prestashop put them there in the first place!!
  3. No the problem is not resolved as of now, the new module of prestashop only works on the latest version of prestashop if I use that and upgrade my website the whole website goes for a toss and is one helluva job getting it all back together, there needs to be someway that prestashop automatically upgrades without any hassels.
  4. this was the earlier url that was generated http://www.black-scorpion.biz/Magnet-Pen-cum-Stylus-p/05-00030.htm now the url that is generated is http://www.black-scorpion.biz/gifts/92-lemram-magnet-pen.html am i doing something wrong here
  5. am one hundred percent sure it was working without any module before.
  6. this was on cloud before and was working absolutely fine until now, is there a possibility to check if this module was removed?
  7. Yes here it is http://prntscr.com/7b25e4 however when i try to delet it it says route not valid
  8. Hi Nemo, no i have not been running an id removal module, could you advise where do i check for the overrides?
  9. This is the my url http://www.domain.com/product.htm, all of a sudden now it appears as http://www.domain.com/lang-6-product.htm can any one guide and suggest what is it that is going wrong here??
  10. Earlier my url was http://www.domain.com/product.htm, All of a sudden now it appears as http://www.domain.com/lang/6-product.htm... Is there any solution to this ?
  11. I purchased a new theme that was incompatible with the version of prestashop, i upgraded prestashop and now am unable to login to the back office.
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