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  1. Ah. I'm a dope. Didn't realize there were so many php entries. Fixed the overlap. Thanks for your help at any rate.
  2. Here are the references that I have. They don't seem to match up. Any reason why I'm not seeing the id_carrier 432
  3. The problem is not with deleting the old carrier, the problem would be associating the carrier with every product. If I understand correctly, a new carrier would be placed in the "Available carriers" box in the product's "Shipping" settings. As I use many different carrier combinations for different products, I use the "Selected carriers" box. I would have to go through all of my products manually moving the new carrier to the "Selected carriers" box, no?
  4. I'm trying to avoid doing this as I have over 1000 products and I think I would need to manually associate this to almost every product, as I have selected carriers for certain products. Do you know of another work around to have the carrier added to all products?
  5. Hello, Recently, one of my carriers is not allowing me to make changes. I have changed the ps_range_weight in the db so there are no overlaps, but it is still not working. Attached are screen grabs of my problem. Any ideas on how I can resolve this? Thanks in advance for any help, Jim
  6. Hello, I'm having the same problem. One of my carriers is not allowing me to make changes. I have changed the ps_range_weight in the db so there are no overlaps, but it is still not working. Attached are screen grabs of my problem. Any ideas on how I can resolve this? Thanks in advance for any help, Jim
  7. Hello, I purchased the Braintree module through the prestashop add-ons page. I have prestashop version I have a Braintree account. I have installed and configured the module by following the documentation. When I activate the module, my cart check-out page does not load. I have a blank screen. I have tested on Mozilla and Chrome browsers. What else do I need to do to get this module working? Best, Jim www.re-voir.com
  8. Dear Prestashop community, We are looking for someone who can help us with an update with our site and to make some small modifications and suggestions for our site : re-voir.com We have been using Prestashop for years and updated to in 2014. Our updated site was created by modifying a template we bought. We have had real problems finding a person specialised in Prestashop to help us with reoccuring problems. The last developer we hired took 200euros upfront, did some basic diagnostics, told us we should change servers and make some small organisational changes on our server and then never got back with us. We found this developer on this forum, so I must admit we are very sceptical of the help we have found here. Very few of the fixes we find on these forums work. Where can we find reliable, honest people who know how to work with prestashop? Jim RE:VOIR
  9. I have been trying all kinds of different settings and have had all kinds of different outcomes. Attached are a screenshot of the shipping details for one of our standard products and a screenshot of the shipping carrier settings that I would need to set. The problem I am having is that no matter how many products I add to the cart to surpass the maximum limits and disable the carrier, it never works. Any advice? Can I clarify the situation any more?
  10. Hello, I have a default standard shipping carrier (laposte), which I have configured to have a maximum depth of 4cm. We sell mainly DVDs that have a width of 2cm. If customers order more than 5 at a time, we are obliged to use another shipping method in most cases. I have updated the width of all of my products, but this maximum depth setting does not go into effect and disable the carrier when the cart is full of items that go over the maximum depth. Can anyone explain why this is the case and/or how I might be able to configure my carrier to obtain the settings and fuctionality that I'm trying to get. Thanks in advance, Jim
  11. I am having this same problem. It arises most often when clients are paying with paypal. Any help?
  12. Hello forum, I'm having a weird problem after upgrading. I notice that when I view my site on my computer the default prices are shown without VAT. The default for visitors in Europe (I'm in France), should be with VAT. When I log-in with our store accoutn, the prices do change, but how do I make sure that the default visitor sees the prices with VAT? I'm using Firefox and have cleared my cache. I have made sure the tax, country and group rules all are set to include VAT. Any ideas? Jim RE:VOIR
  13. Hello Forum, I'm having a problem since upgrading to 1.6.1 (a number in fact). One of these problems is that when I update the payment status of an order, say from 'Pay by bank transfer' to 'Payment accepted', the status on the invoice does not change. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jim RE:VOIR
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