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  1. Hi there, Thanks any demo plz? BR, Fly
  2. Well sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't as explained in my last comment. The Moderate tools is not always taken into account. I don't recommend to install this module as you won't be able to moderate all the products comments.
  3. Hi Vekia, Well I've tested with 2 new other products just created and it works. Hum I don't get why sometimes it is not working. Is there any possibility to get it on the product page where it is not appearing? Any method for refreshing the page so facebook could take into consideration the url? Thank you in advance.
  4. Bonjour, As tu vidé ton cache et recompilé le smarty de ton site? Fais CTRL + F5 sur ton site afin de nettoyer le cache et afin de voir les modifications.
  5. Hi, thanks for this module. However I've noticed when I create a new product, the link for moderation is not present, so it is not possible to moderate comments. Is there anything to do to correct this? Prestashop The first pic is from a page product already created before installation of the module (works fine). The second pic is from a product page created after installation of the module. (no moderated tools)
  6. Salut, As tu trouvé une solution à ton problème? car j'ai le même souci.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. I will wait then. Have a nice day. BR, Flyman
  8. Thank you for the tip, works well! To get the your Menu module visible you have to modify fixedheader.css by replacing .omg_img_scrolled #block_top_menu { display:none!important; and paste this .omg_img_scrolled #block_top_menu { padding:0px!important; } Vekia Could you please take a look to the problem issued by happohiken? I'm also facing this issue and I've used his workaround to fix it meanwhile. Thank you for the good job and I really appreciate your modules!
  9. Hi thanks for this module! Any chance to get a version for 1.6.x? BR, Fly
  10. Bonjour, un ien pour voir le module en live? Merci par avance.
  11. Bonjour, Comment modifier le ccs du bloc paiement du sytempay pour qu'il ressemble à ceux par défaut de prestashop (virement bancaire, paiement par chèque ect) svp? Quel(s) fichier(s) modifier exactement? Merci par avance.
  12. Bonjour, Même souci de mon coté. Le premier produit n'a qu'un transporteur. Le second produit a 3 transporteurs différents, cependant on ne m'en propose qu'un seul sur les 3 disponibles... Existe-t-il un module qui permet de gérer cela (gratuit et/ou payant) ? Merci par avance.
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