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  1. Unfortunately, creating a new store from scratch is going to mean losing all the links you had before, visitors will start going to a 404 error and you'll lose any ranking you had with search engines. It's basically like ending your business and starting all over again. We have been trying to find a way to upgrade the install to 1.7 while keeping all the data the way it is and just connecting the new PS to the existing database, but Prestashop has offered absolutely no information that I can find explaining how we can do this. Our hosting (hosting.co.uk) is being entirely unhelpful and seems completely disinterested. We would pay someone to come and fix this and get us up and running again if we could find someone. It basically looks to me as though we have to all start again from scratch if we want to continue using PS at all. Pretty soon nothing is going to work with 1.6 and if you want to add a new theme you'll be forced to start over with 1.7 anyway. This is all a mess, and it doesn't bode well for PS's future.
  2. I would really love to see a good explanation of how to upgrade from 1.6 to 1.7. I have been trying to do this after our previous active shop began to fail (by attempting the 1-click upgrade?) There doesn't seem to be any proper guide to follow. What I have seen appears to be out of date, with various discrepancies about what needs to be done. No one seems to know what to do. We have hundreds of products, hundreds of customers, and we need to connect any new installation with the existing database otherwise we might as well just close down completely and start an entirely new business, losing 9 years of work. We can't afford to lose all the links we have into our existing store. This is a ridiculous situation and it feels like Prestashop has just abandoned everyone to try and work everything out for themselves. I'm extremely disappointed. We need some guidance here!
  3. The only problem with that you've just written is that they don't provide any opportunity to agree to their terms and conditions prior to payment. I have just gone through the process again and at no point did it ask me to confirm any terms. The terms we agree to as consumers are standard, and these include NOT being charged for goods or services and then the agreement (one which PS DID NOT require me to agree to) being changed AFTER payment. Go ahead and go through the buying process yourself, you can do so as a guest and pay using PayPal, at no point are you required to confirm terms and conditions - therefore, you are agreeing to standard terms. In the UK (and most of Europe) you are required by law to explain any unusual terms to a consumer before they pay you. When goods are purchased you are forming a contract between customer and seller, this is a standard agreement we all agree to with reasonable expectations of service. If any aspect of the process is OUTSIDE of that expectation, the seller HAS to make it clear to the consumer and HAS to have their agreement to that non-standard contract BEFORE accepting payment.
  4. Retailers cannot accept payment for items without making you aware of the process. When a retailer accepts payment for a product or service they are signing an agreement with the consumer - that agreement cannot then be changed after the customer has paid for that product or service. No one is suggesting that Prestashop has no right to mitigate risk, but that has to be done according to law, and according to the contract they are creating with the customer. They did not do that in this instance, because they accepted the payment and THEN changed the terms. AFTER already taking payment for the purchase, and almost 24 hours later have STILL not refunded that purchase. No, what they did wrong here was accept payment through a Prestashop account and then refuse to provide that purchased item unless further criteria are met, criteria that the buyer was NOT made aware of prior to purchase. You cannot accept payment for a product, then change the terms the customer agreed to arbitrarily, it's really as simple as that. If you are running a shop, you cannot create an agreement and accept payment for a product and then start demanding more from the customer before supplying that product.
  5. PayPal cleared the payment ( I paid by card from my business PayPal account, one that has been processing payments for 6 years). This was exclusively about Prestashop taking payment successfully, then withholding the purchased item and demanding government ID from the customer before delivering what they had paid for. Nothing was flagged as "suspicious" by PayPal at all, this was all an action by Prestashop. In comparison, this would be like you or I selling something in our store, accepting payment for it, then contacting the customer and telling them that we're not sending it to them unless they email us a copy of their passport. All sane and rational people would realize that this is not acceptable business practice. If a PrestaShop account has been flagged by their system then they are required to notify the customer and NOT accept any order or payment from that customer. They legally cannot accept payment for that product and then make further demands before delivering that product, this is in breach of the contract they themselves have made with the customer prior to purchase.
  6. I will compare the two, because legally there is no difference in the eyes of the customer - which is what I am in this instance. When a customer buys a product they expect to receive that product, the nature of that product is irrelevant when it comes to selling regulations and the rights of the consumer. They ended communication with me, after behaving suspiciously, so I am absolutely right to make a big stink about this. I was in the process of attempting to resolve this with PrestaShop when their "customer service" person cut off communication and stopped assisting. If you had just paid a company £150 and they refused to give you access to the product you purchased, while demanding you send personal information about yourself to them by email, and then ignored you when attempting to find out how to resolve it, you would probably be exactly the same. I am absolutely right to be wondering why a company is willing to take my money, and then demand that I email personal information to someone I don't know before being given access to that product. If there was a problem with the purchase this should have been made clear BEFORE taking any payment. If PrestaShop has concerns about selling products to certain buyers then it needs to make that clear and explain the process BEFORE they accept that purchase. Legally, once you accept payment for a product or service you are expected to deliver that product or service, you cannot start adding new conditions AFTER you have formed that contract, having not informed the customer of these measures before they agreed to that contract. The process here is absolutely not the same, because I would be well aware of the requirement to give ID before having paid them any money for a product they then refuse to give me. The PayPal account has all the same information as my PrestaShop account, this can clearly be seen when any purchase is made. They would (presumably) have had access to exactly the same information on my PP account which would have matched the PS account. And this brings me to the main point of why this farce was so ridiculous... providing any "government ID" would have done absolutely nothing to improve their security or mine. The information was already there, from our business site to my PS account to the PP account making the purchase, sending them another image of an ID card I don't have, a passport, a drivers licence etc, would have made absolutely no difference - other than making ME less secure.
  7. Well if that's the reason they inconvenience buyers then it's clearly not working, I've had to file a dispute with PP within an hour of ordering because of this, and because their customer service person cut off discussion and stopped responding. All retailers have to deal with chargebacks and disputes, it's part of doing business on line. You don't deal with that by accusing all customers of god knows what, demanding "government ID" from everyone and asking for personal information to be emailed to you before you give the customer what they paid for. This is terrible business practice, it's sinister, it's suspicious, and people should be concerned when any company behaves in this way. No one should be sending copies of personal documents and ID to random email addresses just to get access to something they have already paid for. The result of this is that there has been a dispute claim, I will be getting my money back, and I won't be buying anything else from Presta. I've just bought another theme (and probably a better one) from somewhere else, and I'll be advising everyone else I know to do the same after this experience.
  8. Okay, I'm angry. I just spent £151 buying a theme from Prestashop for my store, and I can't download it. It says "Awaiting Validation". I started live chat, and they're telling me I need to send them "Government ID" before they'll give me access to my purchase! I think I'm about to file a claim with PayPal and demand a refund, then go to someone else to develop a theme for me. PrestaShop, I am really fed up with you and really starting to wish I'd used another system. I've never heard of anything so ridiculous as this.
  9. Hi, I have a whole list of 301 redirects I need to manually add to the htaccess file, but when I do I get the following error on account creation: technical error: unable to load form. details: error thrown: [object object] text status: parsererror So, without adding the 301's to the htaccess customers can create an account, but there's a lot of pages leading to 404. When I manually add redirects to the htaccess to fix those 404 errors no one can create an account without that error appearing. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of that error AND have the 301 redirects in the htaccess file? Many thanks for any help!
  10. I don't believe so, I have looked through various categories and it seems that each product is there only once, it's just not in the right order, and I can't even work out what order they are appearing in. It's not by price, nor by date of arrival in the shop, and obviously not by the order I have set them either. I think this came about after having to turn off Ajax because of an error appearing when customers tried to add a product to their basket.
  11. Can you elaborate on this? I have no idea what you mean. I'm reluctant to use a module to do something that should be a core function of Prestashop, I just know that if I install that it either won't work, it'll affect something else I'll need to hunt down and fix (and possibly miss, resulting in the loss of hundreds of £'s) and all while making my shop less secure too. Thanks
  12. It seems that every time I find one problem and fix it, another one presents itself. After fixing another problem with an error showing when people try to add to cart (turning off CCC), now I can't arrange the order of products in the back office. The current order of products in each category is all wrong, even without trying to move anything. The order of products in the list in the back office is not reflected in the front. When I attempt to reorder products in the back office nothing changes in the front, and when I refresh the category in the back office any changes I made to the order of products is also gone and they're back where they were. Can anyone advise? And without it causing another ten problems I won't find until after I've lost out on 50 orders from customers who can't use the shop because of all these problems?
  13. Hi, While performing redirects on 404 pages I'm now getting the following message when attempting to select items in the shop: There is 1 error Product not foundI have no idea why this is happening, but some of the URL's are now stripping out the / between the category and the product. I have not changed anything to cause this that I can find. I have added no 301 for these items. I have looked around for a solution for this but it seems those who have experienced this before never got a response or found a solution. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do with this? Thanks Robbie
  14. I have discovered a problem which I just can't get my head around. I have a prestashop install with a wordpress blog on another directory (so it's - shopishere/blog-is-here/blog-post) and I'm getting a lot of 404 errors which seem to be coming from the blog to the Prestashop. It's all down to the spelling of the link. When I moved everything over to another server I created the blog directory with a BIG B rather than little. So, people are following a link which was blog-is-here/blog-post but that's been changed to Blog-is-here and it's resulting in a 404. I have tried numerous times to do a 301 redirect in .htaccess and nothing is working. No matter what I try for a redirect it never takes. I can put it anywhere in the htaccess, use any version of format, and it just doesn't redirect. Even adding the 301 in the Wordpress still sends that link to the 404 in Prestashop. Does anyone have any idea how I can redirect a "blog-is-here/blog-post" to a "Blog-is-here/blog-post" and it actually work? Thanks
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