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  1. hi why donot work this moudle by ps
  2. ADRESS SITE: www.puzel.ir EROOR PAGE SITE : Fatal error: Call to undefined method Module::preCall() in /home/puzelir/public_html/classes/Hook.php on line 501
  3. plz help plz right this moudle for ps my site :www.puzel.ir
  4. Greetings I need a module that the price of products from a site called on to replace myself . For example, a site that reference price to see the price on my site appear Is there such a module
  5. Do we have to manually connect our products to sellers Is it possible that once all the products of a given branch to the vendor , the products that are already there 2. What should be done to update prices for retailers
  6. plz update this is moudle tnx
  7. ** I've been using Google Translate to type text because my language is not English Hello I do not know, do you mean, you saw me or not. I want the branches to module vendors limit For example: Seller Mobile: Mobile branches Dealer Drive: drive directory Each vendor will have access only to their branches. Who can edit the description and the product specifications. But most importantly Since: Because it is difficult to update prices (due to the high number of products) We use a module that you've uploaded. And if the module is installed and enforced. But when the modules are inserted to update prices also have access to branches other vendors. We would also not available here I hope you understand what I mean
  8. Can you check module with this module . Because we have to update the prices of products we use every day of the module . moudle : quickupdate quickupdate.zip
  9. Which one of the modules determines the level of access for administrators ؟ I need this module I think that if I'm not mistaken Mazhvlh Agile Multiple Seller/Vendor module
  10. We have a module to update the prices on our site . Did you tune into the module with the module . Group update module prices and compounds
  11. Your module is to introduce vendor Right If it is true whether for a few product vendors announced their prices I do not know anywhere else you do not understand my question
  12. If default products in the store, a salesperson can also determine the price If, please give way When you run the demo because I only show my own products and the products you do not Mukesh
  13. Thanks to the program Mfydtvn Your business does not exist any vendor demo I want to know where are the sellers . Please link this Czech Please see if your module is compatible with the form I I like the form of Persian and Iranian and Chinese are right . And if you represent your site to sell Mfydtan module . site : www.puzel.ir Thanks
  14. plz help for this moudle not page afther click for printlable what token i need this is muodle
  15. plz helpi www.puzel.ir i realy need to this moudle for adminstaror i have 50 category and evry category is for a admin
  16. We have every branch of the site manager . Sometimes other branch to branch managers that they are not entered in the branches are involved The meaning of this module is that you do not have this level of access . The default access does not allow nurses
  17. Hi I need a module that site administrators to restrict access . As an example: Mobile branch managers only have access to this directory to be . Or Modem branch managers only have access to this directory to be . Also, just to get the prices of their branches . The updated prices for their branches should be a module that can be easily
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