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  1. Hello, I am using Prestashop My shop is having multistore enabled and there are three shop. Among these three shops there difference in products. So is there any module/ extension using which I can import the product from one shop to another at bulk. Import/ export option given on products page in backoffice make only few fields so its not useful. Please help me out if anyone have any solution
  2. Hello, I am also facing the same issue. It works for other shop for the same category. Please let me know if you have founf any solution
  3. Thanks alot lui1969. I have checked that module, but it provides category dropdown for the filtration. I am not looking for that functionality.
  4. When we put some text to search bar , it searches in the products, right! But I also want to search in category. For ex : if I am searching "Perfume" in search bar , and if there is a category as 'Perfume' then all the products from that category including other product having "Perfume" Keyword should display as result. I hope now you can get what i want to put
  5. Hello All, On type of category name in quick search bar , result should contain the products from search category. I have checked forum for help but i didn't get exactly. I also check with preferences >> search weight concept, but unfortunately didn't work. Please help me out. Thanks!
  6. Hello All, I am using PS In my shop , Only New order emails are not getting triggered. All other mails are working fine like new customer , product out of stock etc. Translations for all the languages are also available under mail templates. Please help me out
  7. My issue is related to product edit page. While modifying any product it takes long time to "Save and stay" & "Save" buttons to be Active, So page is very slow. the root cause which i found is due to large data. As the all the ajax requests are loaded simultaneously, it takes too much time to load. In my case, ajax request to load Features tab takes long due to a lot of data. Also once the page is get loaded on click of save, i got error unable to connect server(due to large post data). To resolve this i made max_input_vars = 20000 in php.ini. But I don't think this is proper solution. My PS version is Please help me out.
  8. How to start a new topic in prestashop forum? Thanx in advance
  9. How to start a new topic in prestashop forum? Thanx in advance
  10. Hello, I am also having same king of issue. When i go to edit any product , 'Save and Stay' and 'Save' button take too much time to load. Also once loaded when i click on any of them, i get unable to connect page. I am not getting it. Recently i have changed the max_input_vars = 6000. Please help.
  11. Hi, I am getting weird isse in search functionality. I am searching for text 'GSM-IO-T' on my site. The result which i am getting, the product is on 4th position i want to search exact product there. It would be greatful if some body can help me in this issue asap.
  12. [email protected] It was due to nleft and nright. resolved with regenerateCatTree module. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/93231-ps-v14-category-table-what-is-nleft-et-nright-for/
  13. No. When i change parent for any subcategory then only this issue is there. and only with that subcategory.
  14. I am also facing same issue. And when i click on that sub category on category page it redirects to 404 page not found. I am not getting whats happening.
  15. I want to override admin/themes/default/template/controllers/customer_threads/helpers/view/view.tpl in Prestshop 1.6. I just need to made some design changes.
  16. Thanks @bellini13. But is there any other solution in case of shared host?
  17. Hello, I am getting same issue on translation page. I tried with .htaccess file as php_value max_input_vars 5000 but it gives me 500 internal server error. Is there any special for mat to do it?
  18. Hi, Want to set store hours timing and display it on homepage BUt I want to set time from admin panel.
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