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  1. Solved. I am using Content Box now which let me do what was needed to be done.
  2. I have it disabled right now but it ends up below the skrill logo in the orange section there. Ideally I want it where "Popular products" and "New Products" scrollers are (Those will be removed once I fix this) Any help? It won't let me transplant the module to "displayHomeTab" which I believe is where it should be. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot for all the feedback, don't worry I don't think you're on a rant haha. All the points will be taken into consideration and will be hopefully sorted soon. The only problem I can see that I will have is the slider and 2 images below it to make my products above the fold, the only way I can see of doing this is removing the slider all together. Thoughts on that? Thanks again.
  4. Hi folks, So my candle store has been live now for just over a week. www.wickimart.com I am getting regular hits to the site but sadly no conversions. I just want to get some feedback on what you think is good and bad about the site, or as a customer what would put you off from purchasing from me? The things that I know need work doing so far, please let me know if you agree: 1. The slider images 2. The 2 images below the slider Thanks and I look forward to hearing some feedback. Ryan.
  5. I am just starting out with my business but having done a whole lot of research and spoke to a number of people they all said one thing, make it niche related. Your store is very broad like everyone has said before me, you are basically competing with the likes of Amazon etc so if I were you I would think of something specific to sell and focus on that. Other than that the site looks nice.
  6. I get this error when you try to checkout as a guest, any idea what it is? TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save account Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error
  7. I do yes but it's not showing much information if i'm honest. Not sure if I set it up wrong or it's just slow to update.
  8. Just wondering if there is an alternate way to find out where your (or my) traffic is coming from, the prestashop stat thing is all well and good but I have a few hits from google, facebook and direct links but can't see any more detailed information like what exactly they searched in google, where the direct links were etc. Any help? Cheers.
  9. For some reason the module "top horizontal menu" is making all my parent catagories (besides one of them) link back to the homepage as apposed to the catagory page where there is a list of sub-cats. Any idea why this happens? Baffled how one can work but the others don't.
  10. I changed my language selection to GB (Great Britain) a few days ago and it was all fine, until today, everything was broken - Links, images etc etc I noticed all the redirect urls were using "GB" so I removed the gb and hey presto everything was there again, this made me realise it would be the language pack doing this, I have now turned it off as seen in the picture below. Why did it suddenly screw up? It's nothing major, I can stick with the default pack if need be but I just find it strange how it was all working fine then I log in today and notice everything missing (or so I thought) the only difference I made was I turned my store off from Maintainance mode and it's been "live" for just under 24 hours, I honestly thought it had been hacked. Also noticed in the "stats" area of the site under "Catalog Evalulation" it shows "Desc (EN)" and "Desc. (GB)" If I am to just stick with the default (English, not GB English) how do I Get rid of the catalog evaulation showing the same stock but for the "GB" side of the store?
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