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  1. Dit gedeelte kan je in de template zelf aanpassen. themes/classic/templates/checkout/_partials
  2. @Het Voederhuisje Zeker; zie hiervoor https://tajriba.nl/kassa-voor-prestashop/ Wij hebben diverse Belgische klanten.
  3. Update version 1.0.8 - Split amounts are now specified on the receipt and in the email to the customer. - Your login session is remembered longer. - You can no longer accidentally register customers as a store employee via add customer. - Support for the latest PrestaShop - You can reduce a discount on the product line with a manual return (-1 quantity).
  4. Update version 1.0.4 - Payment screen prediction with cash amount more accurate. - Print receipt afterwards via order history now also includes product discounts. - Fixed bug with orders that were fired away without full carrier. - Improvements with 0% VAT orders. - Browse settings screen sometimes faltered. - You could place an order with a quantity number of 3.5 or 3.6, which results in errors. Numbers are now always whole numbers. - Notification when the search function has not found anything. - Issue with price on the stock page for a virtual products solved. - Split payments with comma are now being implemented properly. - Improvements for iPad display of the application. Update version 1.0.5 - Print receipt on iPad by default disabled, e-mail receipt is the standard on this device. - Minus discounts are now not possible. - Return management for orders has been improved. - With split payment, the pin amount is now also forwarded to the pin terminal. Update version 1.0.6 - If an order does not or does not come through to the webshop incorrectly, the cash register will now indicate this. - Price impact product with specific discount is now going well. - Add customer fields firstname and lastname are now possible from 1 character. - The print receipt layout afterwards is now the same as the normal receipt print. - With payment method on invoice, you must first have selected a customer. - Preparation of international users, currency support and translation of e-mails. - All stock changes via cash register are now put in the stock history log. Update version 1.0.7 [NEW] When selecting an existing customer, the POS will remind you of the previous purchase. This can be useful for returning customers. [NEW] Returns via Orders have been updated. This is still in beta, because we are curious what you think of it and because we would like to finetune it if necessary. - Some terms have been adjusted in the application. For example, the word Order is adapted to Sale. - Search bar improved: After a search, the input is now automatically emptied. - After adding / removing a discount there will be a focus on the search field so that you can immediately continue scanning other products. - Implemented multi-store improvements for a PrestaShop with multiple linked domain names. - Predefined product discounts (specific price reduction with an expiration date) are now no longer displayed in checkout if the expiration date has been.
  5. De module heeft dan waarschijnlijk de Engelse term: Customer Reassurance
  6. Beste, Zie de oplossing hier: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/93db0c4a6afaaf138f417005ce93fb38d66659bf#diff-bba6e05abcc820c681135b7554fbafba
  7. Voor andere bezoekers en Nederlandse PrestaShop gebruikers wil ik jullie graag een tip geven. (gezien hierboven ook een link staat) Onze eenvoudige kassa speciaal voor PrestaShop 1.7, is misschien ook een optie. https://tajriba.nl/
  8. Hi! We developed a new module for PrestaShop 1.7 called Welcome Message for Customers. This module displays a welcome message to your customers when the are logged in. More personal contact at any time. Customers will feel more confident with their account page. Welcome customers in all languages through multilingual support. Good afternoon / Good morning / Good evening message based on timezone on the device. The module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/customer-service/45003-welcome-message-for-customers.html The online demo: https://sdwebdesign.nl/prestademo/en/
  9. Update version 1.0.3 - June 2019 Place order and print receipt 2x faster! Category menu improved. Support for references of combinations. Various VAT rates with discounts improved. Discounts per product are now shown on the product line. Price incl. VAT unit price is now displayed directly. Registered employee is on the receipt. Issue with total stock number solved in the product popup. Issue resolved with extremely long paper receipts. Login screen rewritten for better security. Report with no internet connection. Support for PIN transactions via pay.nl. Various small bugs fixed.
  10. The simple point of sale solution for PrestaShop 1.7.X Provides retailers an easy to use Point of Sale system, which ensures a perfect cooperation between your online and physical store. Our solution can be used store staff and entrepreneurs in the retail sector. Made for PrestaShop and available in different languages. Stock management Easy to use Customer management Order history right in the POS Refund management Webbased for fast and instant real time data For the functions, demo and more check our website: easycheckout.nl/en/
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