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  1. Unfortunately maybe my version is too old. If you click on that link you provided, there's no option to download it - and from my backend when I do a search for it - nothing comes up. I do have a notification on my backend that says "You can update to PrestaShop - download now" and the button takes me to the link you posted. I can only assume that for newer versions it's a default, but for older versions it required to be manually downloaded, and for some reason Prestashop have taken it away. I have tried to email support but to no avail. I had been meaning to transfer to shopify for a while, but this has unfortunately forced my hand.
  2. Hi all, I have had Prestashop for a long time and never upgraded it, however now due to still running an older version of 1.6, I am getting inundated with the spam bots - and now my host provider is threatening to deactivate my hosting if I don't get it resolved. A basic captcha doesn't work, so upgrading to seems to be the best option. However, when I goto this link - the option to download the module is not available: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/5496-1-click-upgrade.html Anyone know why it's no longer available? And does anyone have a copy kicking around I could use please? Thanks Luke
  3. Where have you gotten the 1-click upgrade module from please? I tried the addon page but although it loads there's no option to download: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/5496-1-click-upgrade.html
  4. Hi team, Has anyone got some advice on where to look for a visual overview of where all of the hooks are located? I know this has been asked previously, and there was a link provided to this document: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Hooks+in+PrestaShop+1.5 However it still doesn't give a visual representation of where the hooks are, and Live Edit mode is confusing as hell. Essentially it's because for a new site I am working on, I want to be able to add in custom text boxes / content, and be able to position them wherever I want on the page. However with a test module and site I am using, I specify a hook for the text box, and 9/10 times it doesn't appear where I *think* it should based on the hook location (Header and Footer seem to be the only easily discernable locations at present). If anyone has any tutorials/reading materials that I can look at, I would really appreciate it. Many thanks Luke
  5. Hi all, I am looking for some recommendations on a theme(s) with a specific piece of functionality, and I am finding it very very hard to find. Essentially - I am looking for a theme that has an inbuilt dynamic text box on the main page, so that I can put in my own custom HTML code, or just news updates, etc (an example of this is www.yoyoshop.co.uk - this uses OpenCart instead of Prestashop, but the text at the top saying 'Welcome to YoyoShop' and the bit of blurb underneath is actually in a simple text module. I can edit it from the back-end, embed videos or whatever I like into it, and I can also move it around the page (for example I can put it between the Best Sellers block and Featured Products block if I want to. I know that there are a couple of dynamic content/text box addons that you can get from the store, however having another Prestashop site already, I have found that with prebuilt templates, a lot of them don't cater well to having additional addons installed (in fact one company whos template I currently use said it's essentially impossible to add any additional addons that alter the physical look of the template - due to how it's encoded). As such, I thought it might be easier to try and find a template that already has one of these text boxes present on the main page, to save messing around with downloading multiple templates to test the various text box addons to find out which works. If anyone can link/recommend to some templates that feature this, I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks Luke
  6. Hi everyone, This is a bit of an odd question - but hoping someone can comment. Originally I had the default traffic module running on the dashboard - the one that shows in Prestashop when you first install it. It didn't really show a great deal of detail, just simply Visits / Unique Users and the traffic source always showed as direct - and I wanted to see if I could get some more detailed info. After clicking on it, it suggested I install Google Analytics, and after a bit of a faff, I managed to get my analytics account set-up, create a project, get it all authenticated, etc etc. Generally my website stats would show around 20,000 visitors a month, so that's several hundred every day and has been consistently like that over the last 10 months. Now, however, after 24 hours it's only showing 55 visitors to my site? Granted google analytics seems to be working - in that it gives more info on source traffic (i.e. if it was direct, from google, from bing, etc etc) but I am wondering why this figure is now so low? Has anyone else experienced this? I had often thought that maybe the reason for the data being so high was bots/random traffic hitting my site, and now with google analytics maybe it doesn't show all of those access attempts? If anyone could comment it would be greatly appreciated The site in question is www.yoyovillage.co.uk Many thanks Luke
  7. Hi everyone, So having ran my prestashop store for 9 months now, I am trying to get more into the nitty gritty of how it all works so that I can customise the there I am using a bit more (as it's far from perfect). One thing I am trying to do is be able to add in some kind of blocks into my theme where I can put a bit of dynamic content (or even just simple pictures that link to other pages). My website is www.yoyovillage.co.uk I am trying to attain something like on http://yoyostore.cz/ where you can see they have seperate blocks for 'New Arrivals', 'First Yoyo', etc. Is there a module anyone can recommend that will allow me to do this? Or is it even easier then that and something I am just missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Luke
  8. I have been looking for an addon like this FOR AGES! Thank you soooo much! Works exactly how I want!!
  9. Hi guys, Apologies if this is the wrong section to ask this - but I have a question relating to Prestashop's inbuilt SEO My primary domain is www.yoyovillage.co.uk - however I have additional domains that also point to the server my site is hosted on (www.yoyovillage.com for example). Now when you do a search for anything relating to yoyo shops, or uk yoyo store, etc, the default URL that is displayed in Google is always www.yoyovillage.com, even if I do a google search for www.yoyovillage.co.uk - although it's displayed, it says "Did you mean www.yoyovillage.com"? Although this ultimately isn't an issue, as either way they get to my site, I would kinda prefer the .co.uk to display by default (being a UK based store) - anyone have any idea how this occurs and if it's possible to amend? Or does google just prioritise .com over .co.uk? Many thanks Luke
  10. It's in the subject www.yoyovillage.co.uk
  11. Heya Tuk66, Thanks for the comments And yeah it's meant to be slightly off to the right - it was a part of the template I purchased hehehe
  12. Hi guys, My store is finally live! Thank you to all the various members of the community who answered my questions and were able to get me to this point. The store isn't perfect, but I would love some honest, constructive feedback. My skills are limited so any changes I would need to probably look at amending code within the CSS file (something I have been able to avoid to this point) - but any feedback would be greatly received Many thanks Luke
  13. Hi guys, So I am using a custom theme (this might be the issue right here lol) and the theme has an image hooked into the 'Top column blocks' section of the site. I am trying to apply a link to this, but it's not working. I have tried using a basic mouse over, and even just the image with a URL link, but when I visit the section on my site, and move the mouse over the image, there's no option to click it. (The hook section is to the right of the main image, and image I am trying to apply a link to is the UK Players Forum image) Is this maybe a section of the site where only images can be placed, and nothing else? If so, does anyone know how to amend this? If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Luke
  14. Hi JDub, I was trying to achieve the exact same thing, and thanks to your guidance I managed to do it, al-be-it in a slightly different way. The thumbnail images for the subcategories (the ones that are 125x125) I found were the ones labelled as (for example) 11-medium_default.jpg so all I did was simply make a 125x125 thumbnail equivalent (as to be fair the thumbnails I wanted were actually drastically different to the menu bars I had used for each sub categories main page) so for this category thumbnail it now looks like the below, compared to the others which are simply squashed versions of their subcategory banner: Many thanks for your post bud - saved me having rubbish thumbnails! I think it's ridiculous though that Prestashop doesn't give you this option - ironically the category page in the back-end actually has a 'thumbnail' image option, but I have no idea what this is for or where it goes! Luke
  15. Many thanks for the reply However forgive me if I sound like a numpty - but I can't browse to that page, and I can't find a config option on the back end. So does that mean I have to download that file via FTP and manually edit it? If so that's fine, however if that is the only way to do it - I don't understand why Prestashop would have taken out that function from their software? Many thanks Luke
  16. Hi guys, Sorry - yet another question from me. Can anyone please tell me where I can change the db details within Prestashop 1.6? I have reviewed the help documentation - but I am guessing this is for an earlier version of Prestashop, as it says that there should be a Database option under 'Preferences' which there isn't: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS14/Understanding+the+Preferences#UnderstandingthePreferences-Database I have looked around and simply can't see where I change these. Am I being blind? Many thanks Luke
  17. Hi all, So my next question is - for each category, when a user clicks to be directed to that categories page, it brings up a banner at the top of the category page (as seen below): In this example, the category is C3yoyodesign. In the back-end, I have put in the category name, description and image to get this looking as it does above. The thing is - I don't want the category title "C3yoyodesign" to be showing in the banner above the description. I just want the image, and the description text, or possibly even just the image itself (but still want the description saved on the back end for auditing purposes). How can I change this? I am starting to delve a bit deeper into Prestashop - I can see a module 'hooked' onto the displayHeader called 'Categories Block' which I am assuming is the block which is displaying this information. However, I am also assuming that it's displaying all the products within that category underneath the banner (ergo if I unhook this, I may just have a blank page) unfortunately because of how difficult I have been finding prestashop, I am too scared to even test unhooking this module for fear it will break the rest of my site at this stage. So if anyone can advise how I can get just the banner to display, and not the category title / description, I would really appreciate it. Many thanks Luke
  18. Hi guys, Just throwing out a random question. I am seeing frequent database link issues when editing products in my bank end, and similarly these errors are occurring when using the main website as well. Link to database cannot be established: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server on 'xx.xx.xx.xx' (4) (I have replaced my actual IP with x's) At this stage, I don't know if it's an issue with the Prestashop software, or my hosting provider (Fasthosts). I know Fasthosts are a reputable hosting company, I know a lot of people have hosting with them without issue - so I was just wondering firstly if: a) Does anyone else see this frequently when using Prestashop 1.6? and Does anyone who uses Fasthosts as their hosting provider see this issue? A quick refresh of the page or clicking back and then re-submitting whatever query it was usually resolves it, but my site is due to launch soon and I am quite concerned on the impact it will have. If anyone has any comments I would love to hear them Many thanks Luke
  19. Hi guys, Bit of a weird one. I have used some code to put a Facebook likebox into my topColumnBlock, and although the like box is displayed, it's not clickable. If I put this exact code within, for example, the footer, it works perfectly fine and its possible to Like the page, etc. Is there anything put in by default that stops iframes working in certain hooks on the site? Many thanks Luke
  20. I would also VERY much like to know how to do this - currently mine is just in one big long horizontal mess
  21. Hi all, So I am starting to learn my way around the Prestashop back office - however something that I was pretty surprised by, is that there doesn't appear to be a simple way to modify text in certain areas. For example - I downloaded one of the templates from the store, and my footer looks as per attached image myFooter: Now the demo version of this footer actually looks a lot neater, as seen in file demoFooter: Now I am very new to CSS / WordPress - I come from a background of simple HTML from many years ago. Using tools like dreamweaver, etc etc, to be able to edit the visual interface. However, I have absolutely no idea how to move my store information that that it's on the same row as in the demo, and not underneath. I also have no idea how to amend the items under 'Social' (I have found where to add the text url links for each of the 4 links, but for example I have no Pinterest site, so instead want to put in a link to my youtube site instead, and have a little youtube icon be present) but again - no apparent easy way to do this in the live edit section, and I can't find any footer related modules (I did - for example, find the location of where to amend the information for my store theme as you can see from the above, but I have no idea how to move the section up onto the next row). Is there something I am missing? I apologise if I come across as a complete n00b, and it might be a case of RTFM or learning CSS, but is there anyone who can help me please? I am really struggling Thanks in advance Luke
  22. Hi all, I am hoping someone might be able to advise me on the best way to accomplish my current issue that I am having. Say I have a shop that sells a variety of different things, one of them being cereals. I want my users to be able to choose Cereals as an option to browse, so I create a new category (funnily enough) called Cereals. As a sub category to this, I want to break the cereals down into Brands - so I create the following Sub Categories to Cereals, so the layout looks like this: Cereals - Kelloggs - Nestlé - Quaker Oats - Own Brand I then as further sub categories list out some of the products in each category Cereals -Kelloggs * Rice Krispies * Frosties * Special K -Nestlé *Nesquik *Cochapic -Quaker Oats *Original Porridge *ReadyBrek *Oatmeal -Own Brand *Crunchy Flakes All well and good. As an attribute to each cereal, I want to give them the attribute of 'Healthy', so in my mind, I need to create a sub category of cereals, and then in the back end under 'Associations' I add that link to the healthy category as follows (I have put a (H) next to each cereal I have linked to the Healthy category: Cereals -Healthy -Kelloggs * Rice Krispies * Frosties * Special K (H) -Nestlé *Nesquik *Cochapic -Quaker Oats *Original Porridge (H) *ReadyBrek *Oatmeal (H) -Own Brand *Crunchy Flakes This way - I can put Healthy as a link on the main menu bar, and people will click it and it will display the following: -Healthy *Special K *Original Porridge *Oatmeal My Problem is - when people click on Healthy, I want them to be able to browse by brand if they wish (and not just have a list of all the cereals) so the tree would look something like this again: Healthy -Kelloggs * Special K (H) -Quaker Oats *Original Porridge (H) *Oatmeal (H) This is where I am stuck. I guess I could create another sub category to healthy (much like I did with cereals) and list ALL the brands again, and then in the associations for each product simply link - for example - Special K to both the Kelloggs section under Cereals and the Kelloggs section under healthy.... but that seems like a lot of extra work (especially if I already have these products in place), If anyone has been able to follow this far - does anyone have any recommendations? Is there any detailed filtering I can do that I have missed? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Luke
  23. Hi everyone So I am new to Prestashop and still in the process of setting everything up. I didn't look too much into the payment methods until now - as I was simply going to just use PayPal and thought that would be that. Unfortunately, from reading the threads on these forums, it seems the Paypal modules have their own issues (e.g. installing the USA module for US based companies, and then not being able to receive payments from Europe - and vica verca for the European Paypal module). This concerns me greatly - as the store I am launching (al-be-it small) will have people purchasing from across the globe. So - assuming that the issues stated with the Paypal modules are common place - what other payment methods do people use/recommend that are secure and easy to use? (Ideally that let people use debit/credit cards directly). Many thanks Luke
  24. Ah yes you're quite right! Can't believe I missed that - many thanks
  25. Hi all, New to both Prestashop and the Forums, I have tried to search around a bit on the forum (as I am guessing this question has already been asked) but I am unable to find an answer to my question, so posting in here in the hopes that someone might be able to give me some guidance I am still setting up my store - so for the time being have gone via Preferences > Maintenance and selected 'Enable Shop - No' so that users who already know my site address are presented with an 'Under maintenance' cover page. My question though, is that while this is set, I am unable to check on any visual changes to my store. Now - that may come across as obvious (seeing as I have not got the store enabled) but I had hoped there would be some feature that would allow me to still see the store from the back end (so I can move pieces around, add in modules, etc), is this possible to do? I really don't want to have to keep 'enabling' my store, quickly checking the position of the module, etc, and then quickly popping back into the backend to disable the store again So can anyone help me out please? Is there an easier way of doing this that I am missing? Many thanks Luke
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