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  1. Yeah mine is going to the same direction i was looking on the css files but im not very good with the css and i googled for some information but nothing,so my last hope is here Cheers
  2. Hi there Im using PS 1.6 I was looking all day about how to change the style from drop list to columns but nothing... I had another post before a couple a weeks about this but then i didn't have so much sub categories,but now are really too much and i want to add more Please someone to help for fix Thanks Now its like that: I want to be like this:
  3. Adding/Editing the modules section cause this to the bank wire and cheque payment,just need to click at the dropdown menu where its the configure button and click ¨Reset¨ and input again your details for those payments,and they will be shown.i had the same problem only with one click Reset its showing up I tried with disable them but didnt work so reset them is the best way.hope this to help to other users using those payment methods
  4. Well because i didn´t finished yet with the categories i am still editing the web as you can see vekia. Many thnx loulou66 Have 3 questions more,how can i do when i add a new Product to be listed on first place in the home page on Latest products How can i add/rename in Featured products categories for the moment are 2 Dresses and Tops i want to rename them or add more How can i make a discount on products when i do it to be shown the old price and new price? Thnx again Prestashop the best ! Regards Angel
  5. yes of course, http://topleaddeal.com/ if you point at MENS section will see what i mean and even the other categories...there too many subcategories and the dropdown list becames too large.. Thnx
  6. Hello i want to change the top horizontal menu i want it too looks like this one because i have too much subcategories. http://mrbool.com/how-to-create-menu-with-submenu-using-css-html/26146 Will see when you points the mouse on the top Thanks
  7. Like i said sorry for my language and if the post isn´t in the right place,excuse me again may the moderator remove it
  8. yeah a little ebay we get me what i mean heheh okay then thanks anyway about the top bar cheers
  9. Nope,ill try to give example your a user buying from the website and one day you want to sell for an example,car,tv,furniture a kind of new category which the Users can sell their staffs i hope you understand me
  10. Thank you Eolia,i have another question is there any module that the users can post that they sell items,products? I use the 1.4x prestashop
  11. Hi guys first of all im sorry for my language and sorry if this isnt the right place to post the topic but i didn´t find where. My question is how to add more menus on the top bar,for the moment i have the originals who cames when install presta home,ipod,accesories so i want to add some more but i didn´t find a way from the admin panel. Thanks
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