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  1. Hi PascalVG and thank you for your reply! This helped me much and it already looks much better. But what i really hoped to do, beacuse i have added another payent option now, is to make the boxes to be side by side. See attatchement. Thank you again
  2. Hi i have a major issue here. My topmenu does not show on any mobiles. Do you have any ideas? site: spliff.no
  3. This looks very interesting. I will try it out shortly! Thank you
  4. This will come in handy. Thank you for contributing with this module !
  5. Thank you for replying cille5. My adress is; spliff.no
  6. Not really getting anywhere with this.. Anyone else? I dont know where to add the 'float:right'.
  7. Hi, i am very interested in getting the mCash payment option for my prestashop. But i cant find any modules. Is there any? Or how can i make one?
  8. I have tried with different themes, with the config file following each one. nothing works.
  9. I am currently trying a new theme, apollo office. After installing, and changing all the translation to what i wanted it to be only half of my site is translated. "Check out", "Compare" and "Sign up for newsletter" is not translated, but ie. the text underneath "Sign up for newsletter" is translated. Check out www.sativa.no, that is the site Any ideas?
  10. Same problem here. I have tried importing it with FTP, from website and installing the zip file directly. Tried everything og 3 different themes from 2 different people. Strange..
  11. This solved it perfectly. Thank you alot El Patron! I didnt know there was a new module for the intro
  12. There is a problem that occured today when installing a new version of prestashop. The tutorial at the beginning is just a white block, that cannot be removed. The "Skip tutorial" or "x" button, only leads to "mysite*/#". It hides the categories and other things. Really annoying ! Do any of you have an idea how to fix it? (Picture attatched. I made a red box around the problem)
  13. Now im in modules/paypal/css/paypal.css, where should i add "float: right"? What is the id(?) of the line that controls the button? Thank you
  14. I would like to align the box to the right, so the space is on the left. I am looking in the css file, but cant really find it.. What should i look for? Thank you!
  15. Hello wonderfull people and thank you for already helping me alot! This time i need help to move the PayPal checkout button to the right. Picture is added. Does anyone got a clue where to look?
  16. Thank you, Nemo1. I changed the value from 4 to 2, and it alligned in a better way then i first tought of, so why not.. hehe. It is like you said, a raw trick, but it worked! Another problem has occured for me, do you have an easy way to change the spacing between the navigation arrows in homeslider? Picture is attached.
  17. Hi, i would like to move my contact block, thats now almost in the middle of the footer, to the right. How is this possible? Thank you in advance.
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