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  1. 'smartblog_category_rule' => array( 'controller' => 'category', 'rule' => 'blog/motif/{category}', 'keywords' => array( 'id_category' => array('regexp' => '[_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*', 'param' => 'id_category'), 'category' => array('regexp' => '[_a-zA-Z0-9-\pL]*', 'param' => 'category'), ), 'params' => array( 'fc' => 'module', 'module' => 'smartblog', ), ), There's a few assumptions to have it working, blog should be http://www.yourdomain.com/blog/ category are by default called "motif" but that you can change in Dispatcher.php on the above snippet code... slug is defined in details.php public function getPostVars($id_post, $slug) hope it helps
  2. Hi Imikula, that error means that the variable "slug" is not defined. Check in details.php and in overrides > Dispatcher.php you should have it defined in one of these files if you followed the instructions
  3. you will need to remove all routes that are not related to the cms route on the Dispacther.php, good luck
  4. Yes you can, you need to edit the overrides Dispatcher.php, Link.php, but frankly speaking if I was you, I would stick to prestashop default friendly url, that will save you a daunting task.
  5. Sanders010, each time you change something in the override folder you should trash in the cache folder the class_index.php file as well, you have the smarty prefs set to force compile right? the override should be working... if it's not working pm me with a guest access to your server, and I'll look in to it
  6. that warning message is because you're using the latest ps version and a function that is overridden in Link.php might have changed, you should strip off your server path from your post for security reason. but that message indicates that override are taking place since Link.php is installed by cleanurl... in case you still want to check if Dispatcher.php is indeed overriding: cleanurl install the overrides in the override folder of prestashop it's located at the root of your prestashop /override/classes/Dispatcher.php place the die call inside the class <?php class Dispatcher extends DispatcherCore { die( var_dump ("Override Working") ); /** * @var array List of default routes */
  7. Sanders010 are you sure? activate prestashop debug and try place this code in to the Dispatcher.php override die( var_dump ("Override Working") ); if you see a blank page with "Override Working" then override is working
  8. I was thinking the Dispatcher.php, I remember I had the same issue, but I can't recall after what I had that issue and what fixed it... most probably some wrong setting on the rewrite url sorry my memory is getting old....
  9. Make sure your seo and url settings are as follows:This is MANDATORY products: {category:/}{rewrite} (no .html at the end OBLIGATORY) categories: {parent_categories:/}{rewrite}/ manufacturers: {rewrite} CMS: "WHAT YOU WANT"/{rewrite} ex info/{rewrite} Keep in mind to clear browser cache / PS cache under smarty/cache and smarty/compile
  10. Hi Sanders010 hm looks like the override isn't taking place have you trashed the class_index.php file in the cache folder?
  11. you will have to do as Toni Marmol suggested, www.myurl.com/women-shoes www.myurl.com/men-shoes
  12. Hi Sebastian, can you tell us what's the exact urls you're trying to achieve? since the whole point of friendly url is to be SEO friendly, those example are far from ideal from a SEO perspective, they might be needed in some edge cases, but in that case you could achieve what you're looking for using the url scheme suggested by Toni Marmol
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