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  1. ok but i just want to display the most viewed product in my homepage, and i have to customize the html code... nothing more ... what is the best way ?
  2. Hi, I try to customise the html code of my homepage. So I edit the file product-list.tpl of my template. But I have a issue, if i write only 'TEST' in this file, he is displayed 2 times on the homepage (TEST TEST) and i dont understand why ? Can anyone help me ?
  3. thank you , i have found it ! I have just a last question for this topic, I have 4 modules in "displayNav" hook. Why there are only the "blocklanguages.TPL" that is generated ? Normally, the four module should be generated and not only the "blocklanguages" ?
  4. thank you razaro ! it works! Just another think, how can i found witch module is associated with this hooks ? Because it was easy in this case, but if the module send only "Hello World", how can i found the location of the TPL file ? ps: sorry for my english
  5. Hello, I'm a new user in prestashop 1.6, i am trying to edit the html structure of the language bloc selector. I have already located the bloc. There is in header.tpl: <nav>{hook h="displayNav"}</nav> I just want to edit the generated "DisplayNav" code but i can't find the file displayNav.tpl. The displayNav generate this code: <nav><!-- Block languages module --> <div class="languages-block" id="languages-block-top"> <div class="current"> <span>Français</span> </div> <ul class="languages-block_ul toogle_content" id="first-languages" style="display: none;"> <li class="selected"> <span>Français</span> </li> <li> <a title="Deutsch (German)" href=""> <span>Deutsch</span> </a> </li> <li> <a title="Nederlands (Dutch)" href=""> <span>Nederlands</span> </a> </li> </ul> </div> <!-- /Block languages module --> </nav> thank you for your help
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