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  1. Hello, How do you find the url when you create a cms page. Peter
  2. hello, how to remove this..see screenshot Regards
  3. Hello, How do i change the details that customers have to fill in address etc, i can't add postcode and a country id_country ERROR IS POPPING UP. See attachment Regards Peter
  4. Hello, I need this at the left hand, please see this link: http://www.accessgaragedoors.com/ Peter
  5. Where to add this code from ADDthis: Add the following code to the <body> of your website. <!-- Go to www.addthis.com/dashboard to customize your tools --> <script type="text/javascript" src="//s7.addthis.com/js/300/addthis_widget.js#pubid=ra-51b896cd7abc6e6f" async="async"></script> Any ideas please
  6. Hello, How to change google search engine details. See attached
  7. Free Image Gallery wanted for 1.6 that i can link from the theme configurator where there are 2 boxes by the homepage slider. Also where i can have a gallery by a custom cms page. Regards Peter
  8. Hello, I have similair on my website: www.weatherdefender.co.uk Please have a look and wondered if there is a fix. See attached Regards Peter
  9. Hello, I have loads of questions marks just above the footer. wwww.weatherdefender.co.uk HELP???????
  10. Any help please. Site is live and got this weird question marks. Peter
  11. Hello, I have Question mark error images on homepage? very strange any help would be appriated. See www.weatherdefender.co.uk Also see attach file screenshot Regards Peter
  12. Hello, I can't get this to work for 1.6.9, is this an update to the older version and will it work 1.6.9, also i gather i need to delete old and reinstall this. Peter
  13. Hello, When i add a Target new window in custom block link, it will not save the new window link. Please see attachment. Any fix as seems like a bug Regards Peter
  14. Hell, I can not see server/themes/yourtheme/modules/themeconfigurator/views/templates/hooks/hooks.tpl I am using default Peter
  15. Hello, In Theme configurator where you have use title in front I want the title on top of the images not at the bottom. Any secret css or tweak for this.Please see attachment? Regards Peter
  16. hello, I cannot see hooks.css Please help
  17. Hello, I want the the 2 rows to have 3 images each but the second row always defaults to two any fix for this. All images are the same size...help sure a css fix is out there Please see attachment Regards Peter
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