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  1. Yes, the cart is there. I found it's caused by this, but I was unable to find the module using http. It just needs more time..
  2. Prestashop Vs Wordpress

    Prestashop is product oriented. CMS in it is really an afterthought. My thoughts on it were never high and from technical perspective it's..well like every second php project. The 1.7 seems little better, but it's still not there.. I would prefer it when: -i need multilanguage -i need multistore -the shop is classical catalog/product page shop Wordpress is article oriented. I like the feature, that you can easily add a product buy widget into the article. I use it when I need to implement something like simple blog with buy products button or shop with a small amount of products or a product presentation with buy etc. The technical side is just different but also lacking, but not that bad. At least you can find good documentation.
  3. Hello, I couldn't add products to the cart. Worked only randomly. The configuration is multishop+https. This is also a partial solution: Latest firefox and chrome 58 ship with 'strict secure cookies'. The cookies are somehow being mixed during requests. For now, I solved it by disabling https. Hope this saved you some time. If someone can provide full solution for this, I'd be glad. Thanks!
  4. Can't translate pdf strings in 1.7

    For anyone having similiar problem, I managed to solve this by manually adding trans-unit node (make up some uuid) in ShopPDF xlf translation file in app/Resources/translations and deleted cached catalogues in app/cache.
  5. In invoice PDF, i'm unable to translate 'unit price' string. I changed the pdf to {l s='Unit Price' d='Shop.PDF' pdf='true'} where d='Shop.PDF' was missing, but that didn't do anything. This change worked for 'Total' but not for this. I tried to change the string to UPrice but I can't find it in translations. Is there some special cache or what's going on?
  6. I used to use something like this in the constructor: if (!$this->isRegisteredInHook('someHook')) $this->registerHook('someHook');
  7. Hi, I'm developing payment module in PS 1.7. On successful payment, the gateway will call validation url of the shop with supplied reference id. Now I'm in doubt, whether to create the order before (note, that the user can hit back and select another payment), or create the order in the callback? (callback is called later by the gw, so session is not available) Also what reference to use? I think cart id can be used, but the problem here is that meanwhile the user can open the shop in another tab and add products (probably not a big problem, i can test paid amount to prevent this). Thanks for advice.
  8. Slovenský Preklad Prestashop

    Ahoj, Nainstaloval som poslednu verziu ( a je tam iba zopar prekladov (+moduly). Ma to byt prelozene, ci nie? Vie niekto objasnit situaciu? Dakujem Peter
  9. Nový Web

    Optimalizujete zakupene moduly?
  10. It's hard to say, but I used $order->setCurrentState() in my plugin and it worked. Do you start a db transaction somewhere in your code?
  11. The code is copied from AdminOrdersController? Always use debugger to solve problems like this..
  12. What would be the best way to share external libraries or my classes across modules? Should I install them to the 'tools' folder? I don't really like this idea, because I can't track the dependencies this way. I'm also afraid of versions collision while using some public library. (eventually I can use namespaces, but i want to avoid that) Thanks!
  13. Advice On Use Of P() And Ppp() For Debugging

    I tried in blockcart.php: public function hookRightColumn($params) { ddd($params); and it works. Check your php config for disable_functions. I'm not an expert in php (I use it only when I must), so I'm afraid I can't help you more.
  14. Advice On Use Of P() And Ppp() For Debugging

    You can always try print_r() or var_dump()..