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  1. Hi, I've recently updated the PHP version of my host to 7.1. Everything went fine except my prestashop installation. I'm using prestashop 1.6, and the below message is shown in the error log: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in C:\\prestashop\\classes\\db\\DbQuery.php:70\nStack trace:\n#0 C:\\prestashop\\classes\\ObjectModel.php(203): DbQueryCore->from('shop', 'a')\n#1 C:\\prestashop\\classes\\shop\\Shop.php(131): ObjectModelCore->__construct('1', NULL, NULL)\n#2 C:\\prestashop\\classes\\shop\\Shop.php(392): ShopCore->__construct('1')\n#3 C:\\prestashop\\config\\config.inc.php(97): ShopCore::initialize()\n#4 C:\\prestashop\\index.php(27): require('C:\\\\prestashop\\\\m...')\n#5 {main}\n thrown in C:\\prestashop\\classes\\db\\DbQuery.php on line 70 It appears that prestashop is trying to append an array item to a string in its core files. Is there any solution to this problem? I'm on windows server 2008 R2, running PHP 7.1, MySQL 5.7, and Apache 2.4 Thanks are in orders.
  2. Hi, I've recently installed attribute wizard pro module on my shop. everything is working fine but there is something which is a bit annoying. When you click on 'add to cart' button in product page, you should see the cart icon on button changing into a loading icon, telling the user that the product is being added to the cart, and prevents them to click on the button again. But after installing this module, the icon will no longer change. Because it takes a few seconds for the product to be added to the cart, the user may assume that the button didn't work, and clicks it again, which will result in a duplicate product in cart. Is there anyway to add that icon back? the module uses another id and class for the button so the loading icon will not load anymore. any help would be appreciated.
  3. ممنون از کمکتون پارسال خودم درستش کردم!
  4. Cool. I applied a 'submit' to every star,and now it's working. Thank you!
  5. thank you. that almost worked. the only problem is that you still have to click on 'send' button, to confirm the rating. any way to remove that?
  6. Hi I'm searching for a module, or a trick, so that viewers can rate products without having to fill the form and leave a comment. just choose a rate, and there we go. Is there any module that can do this? or maybe some modifications in the original product comments module to enable such feature? thanks for any help!
  7. Hi. I have a really strange problem with all my recent orders. There are some sample products in catalog when you install prestashop,which i deleted all of them, and can not see them in any category now. There was also a product i made as an example which i deleted it later too. My problem is that, when my customers register and purchase a product, i see these sample products in their cart and order detail / history. I attached an image below to demonstrate the problem. Anyone can give a clue how to solve this problem? Any help is appreciated.
  8. P.S: Never mind, i figured it out. i just needed to to replace "this.priceByLine" with "this.priceByLine.replace(/$/gi, "")". easy enough
  9. thank you nemo. as always, solved my problem. But now when i add a product to my cart, it will use ajax-cart.js to update the cart and then, the $ sign is back until i refresh the page. i checked the js file, and here is the command that puts the price into the cart: (parseFloat(this.price_float) > 0 ? this.priceByLine : freeProductTranslation) i wonder if u could give me a tip to make this return the price without the sign. thanks!
  10. سلام دوستان من اخیرا در حال طراحی یه فروشگاه هستم که از پرستاشاپ استفاده میکنه و در کنارش هم وبلاگ همون سایت با استفاده از وردپرس قرار داره. میخوام در بخش فروشگاه (جاش زیاد اهمیتی نداره) یه قسمتی باشه که آخرین مطلب های ارسال شده در وبلاگ سایت رو نشون بده. البته فقط عنوان و لینک مطلب، خیلی خلاصه. آیا راهی هست یا ماژولی برای این کار طراحی شده؟ چون قبلا دیدم بعضی سایت ها این کار رو انجام دادن ممنون میشم راهنمایی کنین
  11. Yes, i used 'replace' to remove the $ sign from total price, here is what i did: {$total|replace:'$':''} But the product price has another syntax, which is unfamiliar to me, and there is a little about replace syntax in the guide. here is the syntax for individual products: {displayWtPrice p="`$product.total`"} can you give me any clues how to use replace in this please? i would be thankful.
  12. thanks nemo. product.price will return the price without any divisions, like 18000000, not 18,000,000. although its a solution, but is there any other way just to remove the $ sign?
  13. Hi I'm trying to get total price of products in ajax block cart without any currencies, for example if the total price is 100$, i just want to get 100 Also i want to get the price of every product in the cart without currencies. I tried using this : {convertPrice price=$productPrice} but it doesn't work here. I changed it to: {convertPrice price=$product.price} but it still shows $ at the end of the price. Any ideas how to do this? Thanks are in orders.
  14. Hi everyone This might be a simple question, but didn't find any answer for it on internet. I'm customizing my template, and i want the content of my 'displayHome' hook to appear somewhere special in my homepage. Every other hook has a tag which i can move to wherever i want, like {hook h="displayNav"}. But i can't find anything to be able to modify in order to move the content of displayHome hook. It automatically appear after the last division, which is <div class="row">. Any idea how to manage this? Already thanks for any clue or help.
  15. well, i can find the files tho. but i don't know which part of the js file is about filtering results count.
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