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  1. Were you trying to implement bKash Payment system to your website?
  2. Can anyone tell me where to find the registered email addresses for out of products to be notified and which products they have registered for?
  3. Go to back office > Customer Service > Scroll down and you will see the option to disable it.
  4. I have updated my prestashop to the latest version Most of My visitor to my site are bots and hence bots are getting visitors ID and increasing the size of my database. Can anyone help me cleaning these unnecessary data? Thanks you
  5. For those Who want to Add a reCaptcha to there Product Comment section: Well, this is not an exact way of doing it but this is kinda a workaround for the time being. Go to: root > modules > productcomments > vews > templates > hook > post-comment-modal.tpl Change <div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6"> <p class="required"><sup>*</sup> {l s='Required fields' d='Modules.Productcomments.Shop'}</p> </div> <div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6 post-comment-buttons"> to <div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6"> <p class="required"><sup>*</sup> {l s='Required fields' d='Modules.Productcomments.Shop'}</p> </div> {hook h='displayNewsletterRegistration'} <div class="col-md-6 col-sm-6 post-comment-buttons"> As you can notice: Just adding {hook h='displayNewsletterRegistration'} in between. By Adding this, if you submit the form without completing reCaptcha challenge then it will not submit anything or do anything. It will not even give you a notice telling you that you need to complete the challenge. Don't forget to delete the prod folder in ver > cache > prod see if it helps to wits out the bots from commenting on your store. Thanks
  6. This latest Version will not the solve the issue causing this problem. The problem is with the Default Classic Theme. For those who are having the same problem - Check the link below to find out the solution. https://www.h-hennes.fr/blog/2021/03/15/prestashop-ajouter-un-captcha-sur-linscription-a-la-newsletter/ Or, You can change the file /server_folder/themes/classic//modules/ps_emailsubscription/views/templates/hook/ps_emailsubscription.tpl {if $conditions} <p>{$conditions nofilter}</p> {/if} {if $msg} to {if $conditions} <p>{$conditions nofilter}</p> {/if} {hook h='displayNewsletterRegistration'} {if $msg} Just adding this {hook h='displayNewsletterRegistration'} code there in between. Then delete the "Prod" folder in root>ver>cache That's it. It should work now with the default theme. Thanks
  7. Yes, i have downloaded and used that one. Version- 2.1.1. And my newsletter module version is - v. 2.0.2 and the Newsletter subscription module v. 2.6.1. All are updated, i think. Prestashop version When i have turned on the option for recaptcha to newsletter subscription then it does not show the reCaptcha in the homepage. But, it doesn’t let you subscribe either saying that "Please validate the captcha field before submitting your request". That means that it is working partially. But, unfortunately it is not showing me the option to complete the reCaptcha challenge.
  8. The latest release is showing me this issue: Errors the module is not registered in hook header Missing hook displayNewsletterRegistration in template /server_folder/themes/classic//modules/ps_emailsubscription/views/templates/hook/ps_emailsubscription.tpl Please check in original module file to adapt : /server_folder/modules/ps_emailsubscription/views/templates/hook/ps_emailsubscription.tpl I have checked and the hook "displayNewsletterRegistration" is there in the said .tpl file. Any idea how this can be fixed? And, i could not find this hook in the hook list of Prestashop for 1.7.7 https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/modules/concepts/hooks/list-of-hooks/ Any solution, Please?
  9. There are other sections where reCaptcha should be included. 1. Customer Comment 2. email alert for put of products 3. Newsletter subscriptions. I request to the developer of this module to add reCaptcha options there are well. Thank you
  10. Ah! Fixed it Buddy. Change: $order = new UpOrder($params['order']->id); to $order = new UpOrder($params['id_order'], $params['order']->id); That's it.
  11. Was it showing you the right 'value'? Because it is not showing me the right value. it's showing me the same thing for "name" and "Value". Image attached.
  12. You just have update some hooks there. Prestashop uses some new hooks from 1.7.7 version. So, do you have any idea how to call those data from the database to be seen in the order page?
  13. This is a very weird problem i am facing. Everything seems to be working fine unless i connect to the Addons Market by connecting my Prestashop account to my store in the BackOffice. Once i connect it, almost 99% of the installable addons get disappeared which were showing there before connecting my Prestashop Account there. Can anyone give me a suggestion how can this be solved? Thank you.
  14. May i get the Module, Please. Sounds a good Module.
  15. Hello Janett, How is it going? Getting any new episode of "The Good Place"? on a serious note: I am trying to edit the universalpay module. There is a function where you can collect some user input data. I am getting those data in the mysql but those are not being shown in the designated place on the order page. I guess it's not calling those fields rightly. The Data shown in the database is like - a:2:{s:4:"name";s:16:"ASDAASDAASDAASDA";s:7:"country";s:6:"France";} Can you kindly help me to edit the module file/s so that i get the values there in the order page? Thank you
  16. I get the data in the Database. It displays something like this: a:2:{s:4:"name";s:16:"ASDAASDAASDAASDA";s:7:"country";s:6:"France";} I have updated few things there and now it is showing the tab there in the order page but it is not showing the data there. I need a bit help to fix this. Can anyone give some idea how to call the values and display them in the right place? Thanks
  17. I have updated my shop to the and i am not getting the informations of the input field either in my back office. It would be great to have this function. I am going to look into it to find a fix. But, i need other people’s help about it. I mean, i am not a professional coder!
  18. Hey, What's the latest version of this module and how to add input fields to it? Would you kindly share it with me? I have been looking out for this. Thanks
  19. Sure, brother. I will set up a different clone copy of it and send the credentials to you soon. I was trying to I have been trying different ways to see if the problem got fixed. As you were saying that it could be the problem with that particular product. So, i tried to add a new fresh product with the same attributes and showed me the same problem. One another point, i had deleted an entire attribute group from the Back Office>Attributes & Features section to see if that fixes the problem and surprisingly - the problem got fixed after that attribute group deleted. Now, i am seeing if there is anything there in the attribute group i can change to fix it. Thank you so much for you help.
  20. To be honest, i was a bit surprised too seeing this problem. The initial problem was that if i had clicked on a different combination on the front office of the product page then the price of the product was disappearing. So, i was trying to check if any third party module was causing this issue. So, i started disabling them. After disabling this module - the problem got fixed. Surprising thing is that i have other different product that has combinations there but those were working fine. So, i was guessing that - as this one (the one i was facing problems with) has lots of attributes that were created recently - so those attributes IDs could have been the problem as the error kinda showing that same "Can not retrieve the id_product_attribute" problem. Anyway, if you want i can give you the Back office details so that you can have a look into it. Thank you
  21. Brother, You can check it here. A demo site i was making. https://www.xo69.net/presta21/home/36-8060-baby-diaper.html I have enabled the debug option. That's why this " Can not retrieve the id_product_attribute" error shows. If the debug option is disabled then it does not show anything. And, Yes, the problem appears on the product page in Front Office. You can check the link and see what i meant. I have a lot of attributes. i think it causes problem if the attribute ID number is higher a certain number and i think it because it was not causing any trouble before.
  22. I think there is a bug in the Free Version of the module. I mean, i am facing a trouble that can only be solved if i disable this module. Problem i am facing: I have a product page that have few combinations. And, on the product page if i click on any product combination then the price of the product got disappeared. If i refresh it with F5 key then the price shows again. But, again, if i clink on any combination then the price got disappeared. I had enabled the debug option and it showed the following error, Can not retrieve the id_product_attribute If i disable this module then this problem does not happen. So, i m guessing that this module might be causing the problem. It would be great if you kindly make an update of this module then it would be great for all the users like me. Thank you. NB: i am using PS version and this problem was showing on PS version as well.
  23. Anyone here have any idea how can i change the position of Customization field and put it below of the every combinations of that product.
  24. I think there is a file product.tpl file (/themes/default-bootstrap/product.tpl) that need to be changed. the Customization section of the tpl file.
  25. I am looking for the same thing. It is really weird that Prestashop designed it like this! The Customization should come after choosing all the combinations. It should not come above every other combinations.
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