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  1. bit unsure where I can find physical_uri ? is it in database or is it in a .php config file? I think I have set the others, Issue is that when I refrash on localhost it redirect to live server. hence because physical_uri isn't set....
  2. Was wondering if some of you could point me to the right direction for information. As I want to move my prestashop installation to my local c:\ xampp\ folder. This is a basic prestashop installation with a few test products on it. This prestashop has never been live, hence I want to move it to local server. Just wodner how to do it? I did search for answer before I opened this post, but if it is already answered and I didn't find it, then my bad I didn't see it. Please be easy on me.
  3. Hy PS 1.6 I have installed on my local computer (xampp) prestashop, and thought about setting up a multistore would be a knowledgeable journey. Have set it up, but I access the extra websop I get "object Not Found" At: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Setting+a+shop%27s+URL I read this "Do not create any subdomain or subfolder yourself, either on your server or your computer: PrestaShop takes care of creating the path for you on your server. When the customer requests this path, PrestaShop will recognize the shop and serve the files and data for the correct store automatically." So I thought prestashop would do all file handling on it's own... Both of my shops are in the default shop group any ideas?
  4. PS version 1.6 (latest version downloaded 24 of April 2015) questions: How do I specify physical location of the webshop? - here not thinking about the physical location of the web server, but where customers can go and get their items How do I move the prestashop installation from main domain to subdomain/subfolder? - ask because we want to create multiple shop configuration, one shop for each country we target. Right now the shop is installed in the root folder, but this we might change in the future. Can someone give a hint how to do it? Right now I have installed prestashop locally, just for learning and experimenting. Hope someione can answer me. When I know enough I will do the changes on our live shop
  5. would be great if someone could take some take and share his view on this topic
  6. PS 1..6 my business parter wants our shop to be multistore because: unique webshop targeting each country cheaper to send goods, as we are located in Scandinavia and wants to target both Scandinavia and USA, it would be good to have a myshop.com and a myshop.no/myshop.se websites for the different shops some issues are unclear at the moment: if each product should have unique label for each country (meaning for example lavel is translated to the local language) We may want to offer different payment solutions based on what country user is in these items are clear at the moment if user register at lets say the .com version of the shop he cannot order from the .no webshop problems (as I see them): if using multi store and want to open a new webshop for each country as we go, we might run into problem that some dude in that country as already taken our domain and we must use a different domain - hurting our brand It would mean much more effort maintaining it Based on this I hope you guys can give me some suggestion if multi store solution is correct, or if we are better off with a single shop (myshop.com), which is customized to target each country -> it checks from where the user is living and automatically shows a version of the site unique for his country. Example, USA customers see site in Engish, Swedish customer see shop in Swedish
  7. This is a test installtion on my local computer. The purpose of it is for me to familiar with prestashop, so I can afford to make mistakes
  8. Prestashop I did a complete new installation of prestashop. After installing I downloaded the category example file. Which I later imported back into the shop. The thing I don't understand is that after the import, only 2 of the 3 categories is displayed. I try to click around to see the "accessories" category but is no where to be seen... when importing categories I had set that existing catgories should be deleted As of now my test webshop only displays Ipods and Laptops as categories, not accessories what am I doing wrong here?
  9. We are looking for a talented guy (or company) whom can help us get this project moving. Work would include configure template, import of categories/products. Configure payment solutions, configure suppliers. SEO etc The shops in the multistore are using the same products (except a few products). So I was thinking of placing each store in it's own subdomain. Despite the shops share almost the same products they are not sharing the same warehouse. Meaning shop #1 can have 4 items of a product in its warehouse. While shop #3 have 9 items... Each multistore is targeting a specific country Sorry this wasn't much information, but if you post in this thread that you are interested then I might send you my design document. We take it from there. Personally I'm developer with 20 years experience, but I consider myself as a noob in prestashop (0 years experience). That is why I'm looking for help. Because when we start building the shops we would need them yesterday (meaning the project don't have time for me to sit down and learn how to tweak prestashop for ultimate performance).
  10. Hey I wonder if it possible to show different content on the prestashop 1.6 web shop based on which country the user is in.... It mightbe hard to filter out the IP-address the visitor is in an based on that show correct content... I wonder what is my options... (I have read an thread about this, but there I think it wasn't possible, but that was 1.5, now I hope it is possible in 1.6) We want to sell products all over the world and visitors in for example US should see content valid for them, for example if they want to call us thye must call our physical office in US. For a visitor in England it would be entirely different information displayed... We have registered a .com domain for this. So the idea was to let other offices in other countries register their own domain and use iFrame to display the webshop. Lets say the user goes to testshop.com?c=gr, then on that index.html having an iFrame showing the german version of the web shop Also we want to build the shop based on a muli tier commission system. these systems costs about $1000 per licence, so thought about buying 1 license (using 1 server), then there would be nice to see if what Imention above is possible in some why... Or if I need to develop some kind of module myself (I that I don't want as this should be finished yesterday)
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