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  1. @jgamio, yes I have some values set with :0 and also I added another column for the default value since PS allows you to do so. Gracias por toda la ayuda amigo Finally I decided to go manually, so I added all of the combinations one by one... veeeeery tedious, still don't know why the product attributes are created but not the combinations inside the products
  2. Just checked my DB, and no product combinations are being created or stored when I import them using a CSV file. I can still create the combinations manually, so I don't really know from where this issue can come from. I'm using PS version
  3. Thanks a lot jgamio, didn't thought about the Shop ID value, but still... didn't work at all, it's really weird because everytime I load the CSV with my combinations, it just process the file correctly and Presta gives me the OK message... I looked for the combination values inside the catalog and they're loaded perfectly! and with no dupes, but the combinations inside the products are not created. Any clues or leads??
  4. After some diggin and good old, trial&error, I found that if you create a CSV file with the products and add them the same ID that's on your Presta, when you import them into your second shop the products will be created with the same ID and the same shared values (reference, barcode...) and if you want you can add directly the stuff that changes (price, description...). What I can't seem to get is to share the product combinations though CSV import, using the same reference and price impact... etc.
  5. Hi everyone! I have my PS installed as a multisote, we manage two different shops, and right now we need to share some of the products we have in one store with the other one. I know that if I go into a product and edit it, if I just switch form store I can click save and that's done, my product is available in both stores, sharing content, images and more important for me, is that they share the same ID. My question is, how can I do that but with 122 products? I just need to share the products, no stock or anything. Can I just create a CSV file using the products info and Presta ID and load it into my second store? Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi! I did some research with no success, and I'd like to know if there is some way to group some articles on a single one. I'd put an example so I can explain myself better. IE: I have an article that comes in two different sizes (13 inch & 16 inch), due to our ERP limitations, it syncs with prestashop and adds these two articles as separate ones. So, my goal is, using my presta backoffice, disable these two products and create a new one that has the reference to these two as combinations, so the result is just one single product with a dropdown. Is it possible to do this, or something similar? or I'm just going nuts?
  7. Hi! I'm using PS, right now I have configured my categories in this specific order: Dogs -> Health -> Meds & Repellers (Parent -> Sub -> SubSub) My goal is to hide, or better, to make unclickable the first subcategory, since I'll have it completely empty. Right now I'm looking at my ProductController.php and my theme breadcrumb.tpl but I can't seem to find a way to change the link to a div.
  8. Hi, Just installed the module on a local machine, and your module pops an error on minicookie.js, line 27, autohide it's not defined. I'm using prestashop
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