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  1. And now for the PS let's remove this decimals... File : prestashop1_7_6_4/src/Core/Localization/Number/Formatter.php l.125 #REPLACE if ($minorDigits) { $formattedNumber .= self::DECIMAL_SEPARATOR_PLACEHOLDER . $minorDigits; } #BY if (in_array($minorDigits, array("0","00","000","0000","00000","000000"))) { //$formattedNumber = $formattedNumber; } else if ($minorDigits) { $formattedNumber .= self::DECIMAL_SEPARATOR_PLACEHOLDER . $minorDigits; } Still the same tricks, i only remove decimals from prices that have "0" in decimals Save then refresh your page...End of story. You can easely observe my past comment with my 2 last answers : Any new version change the way they are dealing with displayPrice... Good luck with future versions guys ahahahaha ! Disable one click automatic update !
  2. Hello I've found a way for PS It's maybe the same trick for PS1.7.6 whatever : On the file Prestashop_1_7_5_0/vendor/icanboogie/cldr/lib/NumberPattern.php Ligne 275 public function format_integer_with_decimal($integer, $decimal, $decimal_symbol) { //FIRST TRICK : Remove decimals with a condition for example any price with decimal at 0 if (in_array($decimal, array("0","00","000","0000","00000","000000"))) { $decimal = null; } else { if ($this->decimal_digits > strlen($decimal)) { $decimal = str_pad($decimal, $this->decimal_digits, '0'); } if (strlen($decimal)) { $decimal = $decimal_symbol . $decimal; } } //SECOND TRICK : Remove any decimals even if the price is 19,12 it will be displayed 19 //remove the line below ($decimal = null;) if this is not what you wanted. $decimal = null; return "$integer" . $decimal; } I've put 2 visions - The first one is to remove decimals only if the real price is 19,00 € -> 19 € up to 6 decimals - The second one is to remove decimals everywhere I have not test that everywhere on the website but it seems ok Hope its will be helpfull :). Tell me
  3. I was amazed when they launched PS1.7 how this kind of things becames difficult, and the new menu where everything is hidden in a tab. I think Sylius integration with Symfony is what Prestashop would like to go . I understand your special needs with payment integration so PS is maybe still good...but with cents displayed ^^.
  4. I'm sorry but i've found a way two years ago, and now Prestashop team changes everything without improving (you know the easy way : you put this option visible in the backoffice and it's over, it works and yes it was like that few years ago...). It's a waste of time, just display the cents or move from Prestashop to .... mmm said https://sylius.com/ ? Good luck :).
  5. Le phénomène : Prestashop 1.6 Un produit est hors stock, le plug in "mail alert" est installé pour que les clients puissent s'informer de la nouvelle mise à dispo. Une fois le produit remis à dispo (quantité supérieur à 0), les mails ne sont pas tous envoyés (on le sait si on fait une requete dans la table d'abonnements). Mais bien pire : - Un client passe commande de ce produit : La commande est finalisée sur Paypal mais le client voit un message d'erreur avec une histoire d'email.La commande est annulée (canceled) sur le Back office. Il n'y a aucun article dans la commande, pas de transporteur et pas de transactions paypal. Pour reproduit le problème je me suis connecté en mode test Paypal. Avec un compte fake pour le marchand et un compte fake client. Le message d'erreur nous disait qu'il y avait un problème avec la classe Swift et notamment un des emails de la table des inscrits au produit : Cet email ne correspond pas à la norme "j'ai oublié son petit nom" car il comporte un accent du style dédé@dédé.fr. Du coup tout le script est pété. Donc la classe Swift est complètement désuette pour Prestashop 1.6, je ne sais pas si c'est le cas sur 1.7 mais faites attention ça a engendré beaucoup de maintenance de mon côté (réinsertion des lignes dans les tables à la main sur mysql, rassurer les clients, remboursement des doubles paiements). D'après ce que j'ai lu sur je ne sais quel site les caractères accentués sont aujourd'hui autorisés dans les emails d'après les nouvelles normes... Je vais Patcher ça de mon coté quand j'aurais un petit moment mais pour le prochain qui aura le même souci il passera pas 3 plombes à chercher :). Franck
  6. Clear cache and try again. If you delete the file and nothing change, it should help you to understand...Maybe something change on last version...
  7. Original post ? This topic answers to this problem on 29th November 2016 by myself, your topic on 29 June 2017 ? I don't understand why you post another link to another forum as the answer is still here in the first post, with all explanations. Right ?
  8. Well the first thing to do is to create your own thread on this forum and don't ask a question about something different in a thread...Please delete your message, you will have more answer in your own thread with a good title. Thank you.
  9. Update this please, it's important that developer KNOW that it's not gonna work one day : http://developers.prestashop.com/module/05-CreatingAPrestaShop17Module/06-ModuleTranslation.html BTW thank you ThomasBBW for the information
  10. Sh*t ! So guys said : Hurry up update your modules to 1.7. Nice developers like me think : follow the new rules, so your modules will be up to date for a long time. And now " We’re still trying to find a workaround so that new modules can benefit from the new translation system, but that is not going to happen in a near future, unfortunately." Just a little idea for this STUPID developer which write this message : Do you have any plan to write it on the documentation that IT'S NOT WORKING and to NOT use it we lose a LOT of time to trying to make it work ! An Angry module developer !
  11. Installed ps_1_7_0_4, still the same problem...really annoying :'( !
  12. You are right, it doens't work yet, I have the same problem. Hurry up PS dev team I think it's not a minor problem for submitting modules to addons...
  13. L'Ip de ton serveur suivit de /install ? Check la doc ca devrait bien t'aider : http://doc.prestashop.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=4096124
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