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  1. HI, I just recently changed hosting and moved my site. However, after the move, my site will not work when I try to bring it up. all I did was dl all the website files from one hosting and uploaded to the new hosing and point the domain. I have a feeling i'm missin a couple steps.but dont know what they are. Please help. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, Really need some help with this. Anyone have any ideas.
  3. I've searched trying to find a solution to my problem but it seems no ones having any problem with Authorize.net module lately except for me. for some reason after I type in the ID and KEY for authorize.net module nothing happens. The screen just flashes and I remain on the same page. When I go to check out my payment options, nothings changed. Only Paypal is working. Which makes me wonder if the two can be used simultaneously or does one conflict with the other. Or is there another screen I must go into to complete setup. Please help
  4. TY that was too easy.... Next time I give you a harder one...NOT
  5. I'm stuck at the Login page. It wont log in. When I input an invalid id/login it tells me user does not exist. But when I enter a correct one it just refreshes the login page and wont go into the backoffice. please help
  6. Thanks. I was looking for my original file names and did not know that Prestashop files them under different names after it's uploaded.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to find the folder in prestashop that keep all my uploaded product images. Does anyone know where it is?
  8. I did what you said nemo. Had some help from my hosting company. But things still din't work correctly so I need more advice. I now have 4 files that start with PS_product and 4 with xzl_product. It didnt work. So I renamed the xzl files and changed the prefix of 4 imported files (Ps_product) to match the destination folder files (xzl_product). Still didn't work. When I open the site i'm not getting any erors but I sitll see the old products. I tried clearing my cache and cookes but still didn't work. Funny thing is when I delete products and attributes I see the table in the database changing. It's just not working the other way around. Any ideas?
  9. Hi I really like the site except for the background. Its hard to read the text with that background. Plus it doesnt move when scrolling. For starters I have to wait a few secs for my eyes to adjust and start reading....just as I finished adjusting to reading it with the background in one spot and I want to read more..but. wait...I have to adjust again because the letters moved but the background didnt. My eyes have to adjust to the new background.
  10. Thanks for the reply Nemo1. The main problem I'm having is the "No carrier" error and also the paypal button is gone and no way to pay for it. For carriers, I've tried all sorts of settings. Uninstalled and installed the carrier modules. Iv'e enabled and disabled. Iv'e done the location, I've set the ranges, I've assigned carriers at the product level. nothing seems to work. So I figure i start fresh and just move the database over to a new install of prestashop. As for the Paypal it just wont show with a working button with express checkout and since I cant get to the final payment page due to no carrier error I cant see if it works on the last page. I'd like try your method of saving and importing. Do you have a video or something that shows me how to do this? thanks
  11. Siliconchip, I'm no programmer just a user like yourself, so I cant really help on your first problem. But you can deactivate the bestsellers module and get rid of the box altogether if that is an option for you. On your accessories problem, you have to first create all your accessories as products. Then open up the product you want to have accessories associated with, go to the association tab scroll down to see "accessories" field. search for the accessories you want associated with that product, click on it and it will add them. then save it. and that's it!!!!
  12. hi ChoiGems, can you elaborate a bit more about how you fixed it or point me to the link you found the answer on. I think i'm haveing the same troubles. Thanks
  13. For some odd reason my prestashops is no longer working correctly and having tons of problems. In the Configurations Information page there is a giant long list of "missing/changed files" beginning with the following: admin2840/autoupgrade/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/access/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/access/helpers/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/access/helpers/form/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/addons_catalog/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/addresses/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/addresses/helpers/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/addresses/helpers/form/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/addresses/helpers/list/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/attachments/index.php admin2840/themes/default/template/controllers/attribute_generator/index.php and the list goes on forever....... Rather than try to fix it I decided to do a fresh install but I have a bunch of products already added to the site and I would hate to have to re-do it. so is there a way to point the new install to the Old database with all the products?
  14. I figured out what happened. It seems I didnt input the wholesale price in to the on the product combination setup. Once that was done the "+" button worked again.
  15. In the shopping cart sometimes the quantiy button to increase units doesn't work. To correct it I to delete the item and recreate it again. Is there something wrong with my script? Here is the Example . The "+" button to increase unit work for the bigger size but will not work for the smaller size. Can some one help me with this. Thanks
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