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  1. Tried this, still have issues. Any additional suggestions?
  2. Sorry, the forum was having issues yesterday, couldn't post the whole scenario. Still having issues.. http://cellularwindowshades.com/blog/shades-vs-blinds-whats-the-big-difference/ https://cellularwindowshades.com/blog/shades-vs-blinds-whats-the-big-difference/
  3. Hey All, Example of an old page: www.cellularwindowshades.com/cordless-shades.html. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks guys for the help. Minimizing the sizes of the swatches is an easy win, then we will look to disabling the plugin. I'll check back in a few weeks with our findings. - Matt
  5. tomerg3 - I'm not very saavy with code, my apologies if I'm coming off wrong. So you're saying, if I disable the plugin the developers made this, my product pages will load faster?
  6. Hey All, New merchant on Prestashop. We released our shop over the past weekend and I'm seeing that our product pages are running very slow: http://cellularwindowshades.com/home/16-standard-double-cell-blackout-shades.html There has been a lot of customizations done, these pages use the "Attribute Wizard Pro" module. The server response time is hanging the pages up, I'm assuming that this has to do with all of the PHP. Price is derived off of height and width which makes for a lot of code. Any suggestions to help get these down to 3-4 second range? We have a big server with a lot of ram (dedicated). Any suggestions would help. Thanks, Matt
  7. Hey All, I am trying to work out if I can deploy an offline version of my store that can run on an tablet. The idea is to have a local version of the online store that sales reps can use when selling to wholesale customers that will store the orders locally until they find WiFi or stop back into the home office at which point it will merge the new records into the webserver. Is this possible with my Prestashop store?
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