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  1. Yes, Mickey, I see that. But how does that help with what I want to do?
  2. Your s/s didn't show anything but a little box with an x in it...lol But I also edited what I said above. Sorry, didn't see your reply as I was editing it as you were replying.
  3. I found what you were asking about, but, I don't understand how I'm supposed to make it so that only ONE item is available for free with at least an $8 purchase. I don't understand how to set it up.
  4. I want to offer an item to my customers "free with purchase". But when trying to make a "specific price" rule, it don't offer anything like that. It has no space for me to put "free with purchase" in the specific price area. Any ideas as to how to make an item available as "free with purchase"? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kim
  5. I'm moving back to my home state of Michigan. Right now, the tax that shows up on the "price" tab is FL-7%. I have tried everything I can think of to change it to MI-6%, but it still insists on showing the FL-7% in the tax field. How can I change this to the MI-6% and NOT have to scroll through all the states to find the MI-6% tax every time I list a new product? I'm using PS Thanks in advance, Kim
  6. I want to be able to allow my customers to select a charity that they could donate part of their purchase price to. How would I add this to my site? I support many charities. All charities I support are legitimate ones, and I have supported them for years. I want to offer my customers the chance to also do this, but I want them to be able to choose the charity for which their donation would go to. This is what I'm asking help for. Is to be able to put quite a few charities in a list that they could choose from, and have their donation go directly to that charity, instead of to me (if you understand what I mean). Please help. Thank You in advance. Kim CutiePengu's Beaded Jewelry & Crafts http://squeakeycat.net/presta
  7. Even though my site is a new site as well, I do agree with Paulito & Razaro. This is one reason why I asked what exactly e-juice was. I looked for something to tell me, but there was nothing. Had you had a link to your blog explaining this, I wouldn't have asked you what it was. I also agree with the other 2 on the rest of their comments. Especially the e-mail. Though I only have CutiePengu in my email address on my shop, it is because it is an extremely long name, and I didn't have any other way of shortening it, because had I just used CPBJC in front of the email, people would have thought it were going to who-knows-where. At least by me putting the first "major" word in my site as part of the e-mail, at least they know that I will be the one getting it. But the rest, as I stated above, I agree with the gentlemen.
  8. Can you explain to me what exactly an ejuice is? Most people think of e-anything as being Internet online related. I'm sorry, but maybe its just me, but ejuice sounds really weird to me. I realize you say "e-liquid and e-juice" on your site, but what exactly does that mean? Please, enlighten me.
  9. Ok. First off, I love how you changed it! I don't know the slightest thing about PHP, so I couldn't make any changes like that for my site. It says at the bottom that you are in the states. Have you checked your "shipping" to make sure that it works properly? I am using the USPS, as I don't need anything majorly big like UPS for my jewelry, and up until yesterday, NO ONE could go from shipping to billing details. I have been doing HTML websites for years, but recently they have started going downhill. I don't know why, but they have been. Your site is very easy on these old eyes, and I would probably actually purchase something (if I could afford it right now). I also love how you have your image, the name of the item, and the price all together as ONE image. I don't know how people make them like that, and make them look so perfect, but sometimes I wish I had their secrets. You can see my shop (what I have done with default theme) here: http://squeakeycat.net/presta I also noticed you have your own dotcom address for your page. That in itself is a plus, as people only go there, and don't care about the first half of the link being somewhere else (like mine is). For what you have done so far, I see nothing wrong with it. To me, its 10x better than I could ever do with my site. Keep up the good work. Kim
  10. ok, the default theme that you started with, was it the clothing one? the reason I ask before I say anymore is because I also started with "default". please, before I make another comment, tell me if you had the "fashion" default theme or if you started with a different default.
  11. Okay. Thanks. That's what I was wanting to know. I don't know what is going on, but even I am getting that when I try it. Will see what I can do. I have tried everything I can think of. Any suggestions?
  12. would it hurt to just delete that div? nvm, I see that by doing that, it grays it out. Thank you very much. (if you could, could you look at my "sub category" post that I have, and see if you can help me there too please. I have several other posts that haven't had any replies or any really good help that I could understand.)
  13. but then the writing still goes across the image, instead of under or around the image. how can I fix that part of it? (btw, thanks for trying to help)
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