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  1. Is there a way from removing the display "In Stock" from showing in my product pages?
  2. Tomerg3, it appears that login is necessary to see rates. I will take a closer look at your mod as soon as I have worked out other bugs. Thanks much!!
  3. No, but thanks for the update, I was looking into them for some work. Let us know how things work out for you.
  4. I can't get the UPS module to work. "Free shipping" shows in checkout, no live rates and no shipping estimate shows. I have deleted all shipping carriers in the shipping section and deleted the UPS module and re-installed. I also deleted and re-installed the ship estimate block. All the shipping options for UPS now correctly show in the shipping carrier section. At this point, I have allowed only UPS Ground shipping with no Free Ship in the carriers section. Also, in the shipping section free ship$ is set at 0 and free ship wt is set at 0. I have disabled all countries except America, and have made sure all states are showing the correct zone. All the products have correct weights, There is no Advanced Stock Management set up No warehouse Out of stock ordering enabled I have not set up ranges in shipping-carriers-edit, because I was told that the UPS module would set pricing. If there is something else someone can think of to check let me know. www.optimal-supply.com
  5. Hello, I'm looking for basic upgrade with no customizations. I can go in and modify as needed. Thanks for getting back with me with a quote and lead time!
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