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  1. Viva, Alguém sabe se é possível (ou de que forma) se pode alterar o modulo MB para oferecer portes grátis. Ou seja, caso o cliente escolha este método de pagamento, não pagaria portes. Ou ainda melhor, se o valor da compra seja superior a (ex: 50€) não paga portes Obg
  2. Hi, I have upgraded my store from 1.2.5 to the new 1.4.1 but i get this problem http://www.bigwavestore.com/prestashop141/en/ On the Categories menu, appears (Mulher) in duplicate Anyone knows how to fix this? Tks
  3. Hi, I have to develop a t-shirt shop. But I want to put a special feature to personalize the t-shirts. Something where the client can choose a name and number to be printed on the t-shirt. I know is possible to do it with Prestashop, but I want to show a preview of the t-shirt before the order. Like this: http://shop.mcfc.co.uk/stores/mancity/default.aspx?portal=U5QM58G5&CMP=PSC-U5QM58G5 Any help??? Tks
  4. Can I change the product display to a Grid View? Where I can do that? Tks
  5. I agree... upgrade instructions stop when the problems begin. Can't access backoffice and clients can't login to their account
  6. Thanks for your answer. I have upgrade to the new version, but now I can't login to Backoffice and registed clients can´t access to their accounts. Tks
  7. My doubt is how to upgrade my database without lose any data? In all the post regarding this issue I can't find any answer to this. tks
  8. Hi, I have a store with 2500 products and 1500 registered clients. I want to upgrade it to the new version, how is the best way to do it? tks
  9. Another question about this module. I want the voucher discount to reduce only the total product price of the order and keep the shipping cost ? Now the voucher change the final price (product+shipping) Tks
  10. Hi, Fantastic Module. How can I change it to have Quantity Per Size of a product? Example: Item:Xpto Price (€): 55.00 Quantity In stock: 8 Quantity Per Size - XS: 2 - S:2 - M:2 - L:2 Tks
  11. Hi, When I'm doing the order by Bank Wire and when I Confirm The Order the page with the BankWire details doesn't show (and I can't see the bank info to do the payment, but I receive the email with it) ....it redirect to the Your Account>History and details of your orders what could be the problem?
  12. Hi, Is possible to use this module, only for display the Specials products? Tks
  13. Hi, It's possible to show the products price only for the Register Users? How can I do this? Tks
  14. Hi, Please take a look to my theme developed 4 months ago. www.bigwavestore.com
  15. Hi, I am using the Version, how can i upgrade to the 1.0 without lose any info in the database (I have a lot of info and I don't want to lose it) What is the best way to do this? Tks
  16. Thanks for your answer, But if do this by the Global.CSS all the products will display the NEW icon... I want something like what happens with the specials products, in this case only the the products under this category have the Special message or icon.
  17. Hi, I am trying to put a icon in all the new products. Something like the image attached. But a really need some help?
  18. Hi erdesignerz, Thanks for your comment, Here is the explanation of how I resolve the problem to put a flash into the center page. http://www.prestashop.com/forum/index.php/topic,2270.msg10220.html#msg10220 If you have any problem, please contact me.
  19. Hi, Here is my site using Prestashop. Take a look and send your feedback. www.bigwavestore.com (sorry its only in Portuguese) Tks
  20. Hey, I solve the problem. I think This is how I do it: I insert the flash banner into the index.tpl just above the {$HOOK_HOME} using the SWFObject script to embed the swf instead of the original script generate by the Flash application. Then I paste the absolute path to the swf file and it works fine. One more thing, I have the put the swfObject file in the JS folder and call it in the header.tpl SWFObject link http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/
  21. Thanks, But what I am really looking for is a solution to put the .swf instead of the editorial block just above the Feature products. Do you know how?
  22. No one? I really need some help with this.
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