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  1. I also got this error with the tagged release
  2. Why is the ZIP file source download including the .git folders?! You've bloated the source download and introduced security concerns if a web host has not denied .git folder access at docroot to the public web.
  3. Best defined here => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Strict_Transport_Security
  4. Vekia, I am finding that if someone uses texture attributes + text drop-down attributes that the page tries to consume up to 661M to render the PHP. fCGI + Apache 2.4.x on centOS 6.x with 16G of memory. PHP 5.5.x
  5. I would think you should duplicate the controller class into overrides so that updates do not overwrite your custom code?
  6. I'm looking at category-tree-branch.tpl It references $node.children I wonder if $node.parent would work in reverse? For now, a text string. But, I am following https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/440 Not much can be done until the core allows more input fields for semantic category information.
  7. What if we want to use that smarty method to capture the path. But, leave out the name of the product?
  8. Around line 265 of product.tpl I wanted to express a category hierarchy as specified for https://schema.org/category I had this: <meta itemprop="category" content="{$path|strip_tags}" /> But, it is including the name of the product. Would I have to create code in theme modules to get a new smarty assign variable without the product name in the category path?
  9. The https://schema.org/Product -> category still isn't being picked up. I have valid markup. I've created an issue at https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/536
  10. I figured it out: <p id="product_category"><label>{l s='Category:'}</label> <span class="editable" itemprop="category">{$category->name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</span></p>
  11. What if you want to output the product category name in product.tpl to get category attribute inserted for schema product and schema offer?
  12. I'd also like to unhook social sharing module from displayRightColumnProduct and execute just before the end of the left column and below the images. The whole theme needs balance.
  13. Can someone explain to me: $HOOK_PRODUCT_ACTIONS & $HOOK_PRODUCT_OOS I could not find them in module positions.
  14. This is related to http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PNM-2291 Create a forge account and vote up the issue.
  15. I found: /controllers/front/PdfInvoiceController.php The odd way of creating an invoice slip ID and using that in the PDF invoice instead of the order ID is what I wanted to try. No one remembers the random letters for an order. Talking on the phone can create typos in the way people pronounce certain letters. So, I wanted to use the order ID instead of the slip INVxxxxxxx and put the company address in the top right.
  16. Does anyone know where those smarty {xxxx} variables are documented? Also, the best way to get the additional variables added by various payment and shipping modules so that we can email out say the tracking number, invoice transaction number, etc?
  17. I created a feature request at http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-5485 requesting that additional <a> attributes be whitelisted so that we could do things like create nav tabs using bootstrap from within the CMS content. Here is an example that was stripped away <ul class="nav nav-tabs"> <li role="presentation" class="active"><a data-toggle="tab" href="#opt1">Option 1</a></li> <li role="presentation"><a data-toggle="tab" href="#opt2">Option 2</a></li> <li role="presentation"><a data-toggle="tab" href="#opt3">Option 3</a></li> <li role="presentation"><a data-toggle="tab" href="#opt4">Option 4</a></li> <li role="presentation"><a data-toggle="tab" href="#opt5">Option 5</a></li> </ul> <div id="more_info_sheets" class="tab-content"> <div id="opt1" class="tab-pane active fade in"> <section class="panel panel-default"> <div class="panel-heading"> <h2 class="panel-title">Option 1 Title</h2> </div> <div class="panel-body"> <p>Option 1 Content</p> </div> </section> </div>
  18. Is that still applicable? Say I have removed google fonts from default-bootstrap and created a new file called opensans.css to define font-face with .woff files. Would I have to do this in header.tpl? If so, I need to do {php}...{/php} in the smarty file?
  19. It's smarty for product.tpl using bootstrap nav tabs. I'm still learning. I tried to find documentation before posting to the forum.
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