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  1. Edit th Edit the product(s) and where you sign a green checkmark for purchasable, click it red. That will be catalog mode only. There could be other places to put catalog mode only in Preferences => Order or General
  2. Are you using the default bootstrap theme or a theme you purchased? Have you modified the default theme or the theme you purchased? Have you contacted the theme developer if not the default theme?
  3. Go to Modules => topmenu => Click the down arrow and select reset settings. Your menu should fall back into place, again.
  4. My own failure to understand how that line worked. Disabling is the line below it. Marking as resolved.
  5. PHP Fatal error: Class '' not found in /home/xxxxxx/dev/public_html/classes/cache/Cache.php on line 131, referer: http://dev.xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/xxxxxxx/index.php?controller=AdminBackup&token=xxxxxxxxx We migrated from to Attempted to do a product import after upgrade and get this error.
  6. I'll test that again. Each image uploaded should keep its own ALT title. And the smarty tag value should be different for each image. I think it inherited the same from 1.6.0.x where only one smarty tag was presented as ALT for all images... I'll reply tomorrow after testing the latest stable 1.6.1.x
  7. And no. They core doesn't support what I have requested. You change ALL of the ALT tags to be the same. That isn't good image SEO practice.
  8. Why are you spamming my forum thread and trying to sell a module. Please delete your link.
  9. Certainly Certainly! https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/114016?hl=en Each image is unique searchable content on the web. Each image should semantically describe the contents of that photo. Image searches do lead to sales conversions. Duplicate ALT tags do harm. Extending SQL records of each alt tag would help assist theme designers using twitter bootstrap to create image carousels similar to http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_ref_js_carousel.asp
  10. Current functionality only allows for ONE alt tag that repeats for every image. Please support my feature request at http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-6496 to allow store owners the ability to define image ALT tags per image uploaded.
  11. If you read his error, it looked as if he had massive combinations enabled and tried to allocate 68M of memory.
  12. Are there any open native module issues for Paypal?
  13. I think the word bootstrap was a spam filter. I'm testing with a reply! lol
  14. So the default theme uses an inline style to show a very large 870px or more image in the background. Most of my customers have no skills to create these graphics. Anyone else interested in collaborating on core twitter classes to make a responsive category listing with images. Sorry there was a forum word that I could not use because of crazy spam filters.
  15. I agree!!! I tried three times to make a new forum post and all three were rejected. What about using whitelist, prestashop?
  16. I'm trying to track down why orders are not being created when paying via paypal. What should I check? Using I have to create the order and apply the PayPal transaction ID. Right now, I'm converting the saved cart to an order.
  17. I went back to google and found your real landing page.
  18. When someone migrates from one cart to another and you simply must mark certain URL's is 410 or gone status, there's nothing I can find to duplicate the 404 page and make it work so that I can call up ErrorDocument 410 /410.html and do Redirect gone /whatever-link-url-here.php?xxxxxx Anyone have any insights into this? I did not want to use the CMS system.
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