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  1. I agree. I wrote an article on semantic ontologies and taxonomies a year ago. https://www.denverprophit.us/blog/e-commerce-site-structure-for-semantic-search/ explains how to logically organize your products into semantic categories.
  2. Are you running any untrusted modules? Try disabling them, first. See if you can still replicate the issue. If you can, file a bug report on http://forge.prestashop.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa
  3. I've created an issue at http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/DOC-91 to ammend the designer's guide and explain where the classes are drawing their CSS values since it seems I cannot find it. For a quick hack, use the inline style for the TR tag above it.
  4. Did you modify block-cart? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/318418-solved-center-logo-in-new-theme-16/?p=1776830
  5. Also note the lines you modified. This helps us who are helping at no charge to figure this out quickly.
  6. Could you bold type the name of the file before the link by editing your post. It helps others decide which link to click on. Thanks!
  7. Sorry. I will not download files. Register an account with http://pastebin.com or post anonymously each file. Provide the link per file. You should set it to be html type, unlisted with no expire.
  8. Try editing /pdf/invoice.style-tab.tpl line 33. {assign var=font_size_product value="9pt"} Be warned not to increase too far. It may change the PDF format. Test and let me know if that worked?
  9. Are you talking about /pdf/supply-order-product-tab.tpl? I didn't see a product description there. Just the Name. Can you upload your PDF to some public space like google drive or dropbox and describe where the text is you want to modify?
  10. Be prepared to spend several thousands on code and design costs then. There are SEVERAL reasons why flashy designs haven't worked since the late 80's UI's should be uniform, clean and clear of clutter. When there are changes to the core that affect the theme, you're going to have to rehire that developer to merge changes. Just my professional opinion. =)
  11. I threw this topic together to get a consensus and brainstorm going on how to best change the structure of the default-bootstrap category.tpl microdata markup. I've been talking to the project lead who also works for google and a representative of goodrelations.org on this github issue. Nested Categories The problem I found puzzling is how to express nested categories and the products. Do commits to PrestaShop core theme and then respond to my github issue and ask them to review markup and integrate any of their recommendations. Not looking for any credit. Just others who understand the smarty variables involved and recreate the structure necessary so that everyone using bootstrap benefits from our open source collaboration. Your Mission If You So Choose Reply if you don't know what schema.org can do for rich snippets and structured data. Reply if you want to learn theme coding for structured data. Reply if you are the grand [spam-filter] of all things code. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-5694 is the original issue tracker Goal Completion Let's shoot for final commit by 31 Oct 2015
  12. How will mobile benefit from all of that? Why not focus on the content? Perhaps, use bootstrap tabs and add a video tab for video marketing. Link the youtube description and hovercard back to the product page. Socialize and use product ad placements on bing and google. There are wordpress integration modules. Write blog entries about it. I'm sure you already know about all of those guerilla marketing techniques. =)
  13. You would have to hire a theme developer to modify category.tpl and product-list.tpl I believe.
  14. ok. Never thought of that. I assume '0' is the position to change whatever that menu name position might be?
  15. You didn't read the question, correctly. He or She wants to change the font for one specific category from the rest.
  16. You would have to modify your theme's breadcrumb.tpl and run smarty conditionals and conditionalize the category ID and assign a different class when it reaches it and add in new CSS to your theme's global.css Might need to hire a developer.
  17. Can you walk everyone through the steps you took to create the 9th shop?
  18. This will not help with the smarty variables. But, as far as layout and responsive emails go, I would suggest you sign up with http://mbsy.co/CodeSchool/19772011?url=https://www.codeschool.com/courses/unmasking-html-emails and take the entire course on responsive emails that render well in most devices.
  19. Read the section on banner block at http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Front+Office+Features+modules The banner you see up there now is 1170px by 65px
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