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  1. If you have experience with CSS, your theme has a /css folder. Turn off in advanced parameters >> performance: html combine and css combine. Next use a browser inspector to match up which css file controls your color. Create a backup of that file and edit the color.
  2. If you purchased from the addon store, call their toll free number and get in contact with the developer.
  3. That would be correct if in the /themes folder. Your error that I saw then is still your deprecated MySQL PDO PHP module.
  4. Deny fonts.google.com and the fontawesome CDN? Awaiting his paste of htaccess.
  5. fontawesome and google fonts are loaded over port 443. I doubt their hosting provider is blocking the IP addresses of those. Might be possible with a less experienced hostmaster, I suppose? He mentioned <filesmatch> or <files>. I assume there is an order deny, allow of that nature and syntax problems. Web server log would say there is a syntax error and throw that type of 403 denied error.
  6. The site seems error free now. The mysql DSO module to php was deprecated is what I noticed the most.
  7. Can you use the code button and post your .htaccess? Yes you could have had a syntax error. That would show up in your hosting providers web server log.
  8. ok I think your web host has not met the minimum PHP version. Ask them what version they run?
  9. Reupload source files for backoffice and /classes folder. White screen is definitely a PHP error or Apache.
  10. Submit an issue with your web host. All directories should be 755 and all files should be 644 unless they run PHP DSO. Let me know if that fixes it?
  11. Did you try uploading the source files again? Did you recently install a new module?
  12. Not simple. I suggest you hire someone who can dedicate a lot of time to address your issue.
  13. Too complex. You can hire a theme developer. https://www.prestashop.com/en/web-agency-partners will give you a list of certified and trained developers.
  14. Very true! Their AI can now distinguish activity, entities and concepts from images now.
  15. The link you gave isn't the link to the product. How about just the product name? I'll find it.
  16. I took a random sampling of their product names in image search. Every Time, I had a matching listing. This could possibly be because of product schema. The image parameter is fed in and in search console for structured data, you should see an index. That grows over time. You can also drag that product image into image search to find matching results.
  17. There have been a LOT of bug fixes that affect theme code since I suggest you hire a theme developer to update your code and upgrade the core cart to 1.6.1.x Not sure about wanting to hide the search element. For instance, I have an open issue with Presta Forge to markup the search with schema markup. That tells Google & Bing that they may at their discretion, show a search box on your search results for your company or band name or any other type of navigational search.
  18. Check the ALT text for duplicates. Thin content can also be preventing their inclusion.
  19. Not all items would be indexed on a single day. Keep checking.
  20. I just did an image search for Pantone Cotton Planner FHIC300. I got image results back with your product image.
  21. I would go to google webmaster tools / Google Search Console and request that file be removed. I would also Redirect gone filename.ext that isn't apart of PrestaShop to force remove it or Redirect 310 to index.php
  22. Hi everyone! Although my forum badge hasn't changed today, I am The United States first official volunteer ambassador for Prestashop! I'm interested in real-life examples of frustration and expenses anyone has had in the past while dealing with wooCommerce. What were the defining factors that led you to choose PrestaShop to build your online empire? Just say whatever you want to say. I'll be sure to cite anyone used in the article with a linkback to their forum profile. I really would appreciate candor in your opinions. Thank you very much!
  23. The schema product description relies upon this and forums the description in SERP for the title link. It is compared to the meta description and THEN Bing/Google will decide what to display based on user intended query.
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