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  1. Up to 33% of consumer spending is done from a mobile device. Responsive design isn't just for blogs. You don't have to use twitter bootstrap. And if you monitor PrestaShop 1.7 beta, they have removed twitter bootstrap and have used CSS3 and TWIG for the front office theme. There are plenty of learning resources on the web to make a responsive CSS framework. Sources: http://www.smartinsights.com/mobile-marketing/mobile-marketing-analytics/mobile-marketing-statistics/
  2. Mobile responsive content is here to stay, permanently. You must build your content to be mobile responsive. It is also an SEO ranking factor on mobile / tablet searches.
  3. Be sure to mark the thread as answered. Always glad to assist. I'm a hostmaster. I do these all the time.
  4. Place your store in maintenance mode to prevent new orders or sign-ups! Create a compressed MySQLDump. You want to preserve structure and data. Default settings are fine. Note user permissions. Zip archive your whole document root. [ /var/www/docroot or /home/xxx/public_html ] Create Database on new user account and ADD Mysql user. Refer to your user permissions for MySQL Database. Do a mysql import either by phpMyAdmin or command line. Modify /config/settings.inc.php with new MySQL credentials. Modify back office: Preferences => SEO & URL => Setup URLs Check Store Integrity
  5. Building upon Paulito's excellent answer, this is what I use: {if $display_poweredby} <div class="bottom-footer col-xs-12"> <div> © {l s='Copyright' mod='blockcms'} {'Y'|date} <strong>{$shop_name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</strong> {l s='All rights reserved.' mod='blockcms'}<span style="float:right"><a href="https://affiliates.strikehawk.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=111" target="_blank">{l s='Powered By StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc.' mod='blockcms'}</a></span> </div> </div> {/if} <!-- /Block CMS module footer --> {/if}
  6. Frontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart I see this 2 to 3 dozen times a week. What causes this? PS suPHP 5.6
  7. I have a module in development with bootstrap content tabs. The 2nd tab displays the help instructions. It also uses a bootstrap tpl file. Do I need to add { l s='xxx' mod='xxxx' } to every container? P tags, H tags, etc or can I start at the fluid container and make it all one big string with html included?
  8. Also ran into the same issue with PrestaShop UPS Module and Puerto Rico not able to use any of the UPS shipping methods. PS Version: PHP 5.6 suPHP Apache 2.4.18 MySQL 5.5.50-cli MySQL Driver: DbPDO MySQL Engine: InnoDB PHP Max Memory: 512M Max Execution: 1500 Max Input Vars: 4800
  9. Nothing that I know of can do that. They all rely on parameters or external affiliate systems. Your client could hire a module developer to track sales and payouts and include the access level classes to ensure you have access to the module report. That would probably be an estimated $1k or more.
  10. My problem is the product feed w/ features is not populating Products => Product Features. It creates the dataset name. But, not the values!!! If you edit the product, the feature values are custom.
  11. StrikeHawk eCommerce purchased this. You changed your site and we cannot login. David Graham sent you a PM in this forum. We have V2.0 and need an updated version.
  12. I'll test {debug}. Am not sure if the legend is already assigned a smarty global and how to pull that into my module? A documentation link or anything to read would help me learn.
  13. Maybe this will help? http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/shipping-modules/50-ups.html
  14. I'm building a module and need to access the value for product cover alt image [ 1 ] text. I thought it would be via $imagealt = Product::getCover() But, I cannot find any documentation on the values I can pull from that function. Suggestions?
  15. PrestaShop Faceted Search video will explain how to setup in blocklayered.
  16. The free module did not include international options like that. =(
  17. Hire someone to extend the current mail class and turn on the delivery receipt and read receipt?
  18. Why not publish the link somewhere like here or on your website?
  19. Have you setup your DKIM and SPF record in your hosting service and used the SMTP mailer in PrestaShop? It sounds like your customers are getting mail going to Junk. You should ask them to look there and then take the recommended steps I mentioned if you hadn't done so already.
  20. Not simple to a non-developer. You would have to hire one.
  21. I would say your client is wasting money. There is no real need for an app on a mobile device for consumer shopping unless their brand has +1 Million customers. Why? In order for the app to be discoverable, it has to rank well in the app store. Be consistent with SEO and structured data and your client will be much better off. Consider extending the PrestaShop analytics module with session ID tracking across device usage and adding in category tracking for eCommerce transaction as well as content grouping and goal conversion plan, A new private dashboard with the stats they want to track. Their site WILL be picked up in mobile search if the theme is mobile responsive and fast. Your private dashboard could track organic mobile search conversions in revenue.
  22. I think the theme modules and templates might be a good place to start for adding the various types of tracking statuses.
  23. Dh42, what would you think about bi-directional oEmbeds? Slip a few related blog posts in the product editor to oEmbed query the blog system and create a trackback and oEmbed link in wordpress querying PS and creating a product card into the post much like twitter can on blog posts. This way, energy is only spent on creating oEmbed services for PS. Which, can be useful on other sites like pinterest. We also need more data about a product to conform to GS1 Product Specs and Schema.org vocab.
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