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  1. What should be checked if manufacturer logo's are not being rendered from /img/tmp to /img/su/ ? I see the images in /img/tmp We run PHP_DSO and /img folder is group owned to apache with group write access. All sub-directories within /img are also group owned to apache with group write access.
  2. What if we wanted to limit either display price, list SRP, require account to see price on various products within a category? I only see that whole categories can only do this. It goes against semantic taxonomy. Hardware => Hammers => => Slump Hammer * No restrictions => Claw Hammer * Require Account => Ball Pein * Call for price only even with account In this example business rule: Certain hammers are restricted by supplier's rules. Some require more restrictions than others. It would make no sense to break true ontological classification based on PrestaShop's current restrictions by category, only. I could be wrong. But it seems that this should be more granular. Can anyone suggest how to accomplish these business rules?
  3. Alex Simonchik BelVG, I was looking at http://schema.org/Offer for the parameter category which could be http://schema.org/Thing with an additionalType parameter to define the category from say goodrelations or use the sameAs field to define the prototypycal classifcation the semantic category concept. Using the default template and hooks in the category creation menu, how would you see extending prestashop further for semantic SEO?
  4. The post is rather large. What if we wanted a block on the product detail page just below price/add to cart block? Bad idea for semantic relationship?
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